Keelhaal of House Salvation

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Keelhaal of House Salvation
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House of Salvation





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Salvage and Salvation


SolarS.png Molten Welder


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Defiled Servitor Shield
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


"That must be the big boss in charge. Take 'em out, hero!"
The Drifter

Keelhaal of House Salvation was a powerful Fallen Captain who was encountered at the end of the Salvage and Salvation Mission. They were attempting to rally troops from the House of Salvation at Riis-Reborn, following Eramis breaking free from her Stasis imprisonment. They would later be ambushed and killed by the Guardian during their mission to rescue the Spider and secure his Ketch, on behalf of the Drifter.[1]


Keelhaal can be found at Gale's Watch, where they serve as the final boss of the Salvage and Salvation mission. The room will be filled with Wretches, who will immediately rush you as soon as they are alerted to your presence. Keelhaal comes equipped with a Molten Welder, which can fire powerful, descending volleys of Solar blasts. They also possess a powerful stomp attack, which they can use to knock the player back if they come too close, dealing a great amount of damage. Like other Ultras, the Captain is quite resilient and requires significant firepower to whittle them down.

Once a fifth of their health has been depleted, Keelhaal will become enveloped in an immunity shield, preventing any further harm from coming to them. Several more Fallen will also arrive to provide assistance to their leader. In order to neutralize the boss's defences, the player must destroy the two Defiled Servitors that are generating the shield. Once Keelhaal has returned to their vulnerable state, another wave of Wretches will come to try and overwhelm you, as well as two Resilient Vandals armed with Wire Rifles, who can shoot at you from long distances.

After the boss has lost another fifth of their health, they will teleport to the command center where Eramis was fought. Multiple Dregs will attempt to block you off in the connecting corridor, while a group of Marauder reinforcements will guard their leader. Taking out three fifths of the Captain's health will cause them to summon three more Servitors, granting him another shield. Like before, these will need to be eliminated in order to continue with the boss fight. After you have successfully taken them out, Spider's Ketch will appear outside, and Spider's Associates will arrive to help with the finishing off of Keelhaal.



  • Keelhaal's name is a play on the word "keelhaul:" a potentially fatal method of torture employed by sailors, which involved dragging the condemned person through the water via the keel of a ship.

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