Techno Squad Leader

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Techno Squad Leader
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House of Salvation



Combat information


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Marauder Dash
Invisibility Tech
KineticS.png Fallen Melee


Techno Squad Leaders are Marauder commanders of the House of Salvation found in the Eclipsed Zones of Europa.

Braytech Transponder[edit]

Braytech Transponder is a weekly item that can be only acquired from Variks, where only one can be purchased a week. It helps complete the weekly Augment Triumphs and the transponder costs 50 Herealways Pieces to buy. While active, this transponder will attract House Salvation techno squads hunting for Golden Age tech in the Eclipsed Zones of Europa.[1]

Players then need to travel into the weekly Eclipse Zone and locate the Techno Squad Leader, who is usually invisible. The Squad Leader is usually accompanied by Defiled Servitors and Resilient Homing Shanks and will be temporarily immune to all damage until its squad of Fallen are eliminated.

Upon killing the Techno Squad Leader, it will drop a Scanner augment. Picking this up will display a text saying "Scanner x3". Players are then tasked with destroying three swarms of Fallen Drones. These can be found in any of the private areas of Europa, like Riis-Reborn Approach. On approaching these drones, one of them will glow yellow and needs to be shot in sequence to destroy the swarm. This will then allow players to interact with a nearby terminal. Three terminals need to be interacted with to complete the sector triumph.


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