In Anânh, Brood Queen

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In Anânh, Brood Queen
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"Two star-crossed lovers have sullied my Shore: our old friend the Mindbender — may he rest in pieces — and In Anânh, a Hive Brood Queen, traitor to her kin. Eliksni have crossed lines with the Hive in the past, but never at this scale."
— The Spider

In Anânh, Brood Queen is a large, high-ranking Hive Wizard who is the consort of Hiraks, the Mindbender, as well as the source of Hive on the Tangled Shore. She is the main boss of the Broodhold Strike.


When the Scorn first arrived in the Tangled Shore, Hiraks took In Anânh as his consort and with her help they spawned "Mindbent" Hive under their control. The Brood Queen, now a traitor to her kin, took refuge near a crashed warship at the Jetsam of Saturn and carved out a nest deep within the Shore.

Through their unholy matrimony, the Mindbender attempted to infuse Ether into Hive Knights and Worms to make them stronger. It briefly backfired as the Mindbender thought he could breed out their intolerance for Ether that poisoned them. Nonetheless, the Mindbender was still able to command a poisoned Hive army.

After Hiraks met his end, The Spider sought to rid his Shore of the Hive and enlisted a fireteam to eliminate the Brood Queen. In Anânh would confront the Guardians several times within her nesting grounds and call upon Ur, the Ever-Hunger for support to create a Shade of herself. Her efforts to repel the Guardians would be vain as she met her end at their hands, consumed by soulfire.


In Anânh's most dangerous ability lies in being able to change into a shade form, switching from a Solar to Void power-set, both of which share the Burning Debuff on all attacks that causes damage over time. When first spawned, In Anânh is Solar-based and has the ability to fire searing Solar fireballs that explode at Guardians and an explosive Solar melee that acts like a Ground Pound but with Solar damage. She also has the spell "Fire Nova Gaze", where she charges Solar energy in her hands that also causes Burning to all Guardians and, when the countdown of 3 seconds on the left of the HUD reaches zero, launches an explosive fiery wave called "Nova Scream" across the room that will wipe out Guardians if they are not at full health, in a Healing Rift, or hiding behind the rocks in the area which will prevent damage.

At two-thirds health, she will reach out to Ur, the Ever-Hunger and create a Shade of herself with Void-based abilities. The Shade fires Void blasts more rapidly, but they are not explosive, as well as having the same melee but with Void damage. Her main ability is to set down multiple Void traps called "Brood Spikes", which do damage over time when a Guardian stands in one through Burning, before they explode after a couple seconds and launching guardians that survive into the air.

Upon reaching the last third of her health, the two forms become two separate entities entirely with both using their respective abilities at once, forcing Guardians to deal with two Strike bosses instead of one, adding a much greater threat into the mix. When one dies, the remaining one will become enraged and enter a Berserk Mode.



  • In Anânh's name resembles that of Inanna (also known as Ishtar), a Mesopotamian goddess of fertility. Notably, the legend of Inanna describes her descent into the underworld to face Ereshkigal, her sister and evil counterpart. The battle with In Anânh seems to allude to this story, as it involves journeying into a subterranean realm to fight In Anânh and her Shade, who may be an allusion to Ereshkigal. This legend is also referenced in Tyrannocide IV, a lore item introduced in Forsaken, which describes Ereshkigal as Inanna's "shadow twin".
  • She is the first Hive observed to hold the title of "Brood Queen". She also is the first to have a consort who is of a different species on record.
  • She also appears to be a follower of the Worm God Ur, the Ever-Hunger judging by the warning, In Anânh reaches out to Ur, the Ever-Hunger..., during the battle when she transforms into a Shade.
  • In Anânh also has a son, simply dubbed Son of In Anânh. Whether or not they are the spawn of Hiraks as well is unknown.

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