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Destiny Tidbits
Worst Destiny MomentWell, as much as I love playing the game, there's a lot of frustrating moments to choose from: bulletsponges (I'm looking in your direction, Rockets Mcdickface), getting sniped at point blank, and worst of all, the fucking RNG loot system. Seriously, it's fucking broken. I've been playing for almost two years and I never get shit! Well, I was lucky a few times, but it still goes to show that RNGsus is a fucking asshole. Also, what do you mean no revives in Hard Mode Raids?! That's fucking bullshit!
Anything ElseBungie? Are you there? Alright, how about this? Please make a Cabal raid. Also, whenever you shut down the servers for maintenance, please do actual maintenance. Stop nerfing shit behind our backs. It pisses me off. Thank you.
Other Information
MoviesThe Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
TVGravity Falls
MusicFoo Fighters, The Beatles, Hamilton (Broadway Musical), The Who, Mozart, Beethoven
BooksA History of Weapons: Crossbows, Caltrops, Catapults, and Lots of Other Things That Can Seriously Mess You Up (by John O' Bryan)
Video gamesTeam Fortress 2, Destiny (of course), Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Garry's Mod, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dirty Bomb, Goat Simulator, PAYDAY 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Borderlands, Spore, Half Life 2
MagazinesNational Geographic
SnacksAnything that's in the fridge, but I'm not afraid to supplement my diet with some fresh meat. Oh look, a burrito! *eats it*
DrinksWater, Milk
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Personal Information
Real nameRichard Wolff
LocationNew York
HometownNew York
BirthdayJune 19th
OccupationLocal Lazyass, Burrito Contest Eating Champion (not really), Government Critic (because the government doesn't listen to the people anymore)
WebsitesWhat, you actually think I have a website? LOL TOO BAD (P.S. I wish I had one, though. RIP in Pepperoni the possibility of me having a legitimately awesome website because me not know how to operate one in the first place, lol)
Places I have livedNew York, NY (The only place I probably will ever live, aside from an Australian desert with a pack of dingos)
SchoolsP.S. 191 (I'm sorry; what was this place again?), Mott Hall II (Kinda hellish for a middle school), Manhattan Hunter Science High School (Finally, a school where I'm appreciated!)
About meThis world is fucked up in all the wrong ways. If only it were so in all the right know what I mean? Like instead of raining hailstones, there would be raining burritos (P.S. Did I say that I really like burritos?)
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"/* Chapter 8: Invasion */"
Edited the page UserWiki:Primus Draug'oth
"/* Chapter 8: Invasion */"
Edited the page UserWiki:Primus Draug'oth
"/* Chapter 8: Invasion */"
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Seems to be part of "leaked" content that was datamined. Couldn't find it anywhere except in a few places like this.


House of Wolves Reef Bounties. Liksor would be a Major Captain while Moluk, Wormwaker is a Major Wizard. I'm trying to find the exact mission where Moluk appears is, The Seeding, but its nowhere to be found.

EDIT: found it, it is apparently a Dark Below mission no longer available. Pity this is such potato quality here. I'll search for something readable.


That's a hard one bud. Right now I don't have the money to buy the system. And the game itself is about forty dollars. It might be a while before I get my hands on the system. Even then, I still have to save up for the game and the ones before it, as well as a gold subscription in order to play.


I gotcha. Have you finished the ROI campaign yet?