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"He is of the enemy. His vulgar tendencies are off-putting to the people of this City. But deep down, I see something greater. What appears to be a gear forced to turn cogs for the Cabal war machine may very well turn out to be another asset. Perhaps he could be of use to us."
Ikora Rey

This is Primus Draug'oth speaking. A Cabal speaking on humanity's terms is crazy, I understand, but I decided I'm going to cooperate. Time and time again, I've committed several atrocities in the name of the Cabal High Command, and I'd like to take it all back, yet I had no other choice. Not that feeling bad about doing these terrible things and being forced to do them ever made it okay to do them in the first place, but...I wish for a chance to make amends, because that is what I must do. The only way for me to truly move forward is to atone, and if I fail to do so, then I have failed at finding my purpose in life. I'll explain how I got here.


Primus Draug'oth
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June 19, 2597


I'm still here.






10 ft.


800 lbs.

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Cabal High Command (formerly)
The Last City


Primus (formerly)
Elite Heavy Infantry



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I was the commander of the Siege Dancers before Rockets McTrollFace was. I led an attack on The Wall, but I was stopped by Lord Saladman. He did the right thing.


"This Primus has a long history of fighting. It runs deep in his nature like it does with all Cabal. But he appears to show some consideration for humanity. His fighting skills may serve us well in this time of need."
Commander Zavala

Chapter 1: Aspirations

"Son, you must realize that this is no ordinary education system. You are about to learn the art of age five. The standard is age eight. If this is what you want, then I will sign you up."
— Primus Tru'url on my decision to enter military conditioning

It all started when I was 5 years old. My father, Primus Tru'url, was a stoic, but still cared for my well-being, and he was part of the Cabal High Command. I aspired to become as strong as him one day, and he told me, "Very well, son. But listen to me. This is something you would struggle to keep up with. Are you sure about this?" And I said, "Dad, I insist! I want to be a strong soldier and fight for my country, like you." My father then said, "Done. And if you meet Primus Thru'ul on the way, tell him I said hello." And so began my first day of school. He gave me a pat on the back and said goodbye as he left for the battlefield.

Cabal school was all about war, as you may have guessed. It worked like a prison, with the students living in their own rooms and forced to learn how to be an efficient, yet unnecessarily cold-hearted fighter. The only time we left is when it was time to go to any of the following classes: physical education, tactical study and observation, weapons training, and military engineering. I was sure I had the brawn, but feared that I lacked the brains.

Primus Ro'alg, the "principal" held an assembly on the first day that year. He said that this school is what lays the foundation for future soldiers to become part of the greatest military force in the universe. After the assembly, we went to our rooms, but I stayed up later than everyone else because I was thinking whether or not I had made the right move. I was sure that I did, but I was beginning to have doubts. We weren't allowed to turn back, though.

Chapter 2: Initiation

"I made myself very clear, Draug'oth. You'll have to do a better job at keeping your brain sharp."
— Primus Tru'url sternly reminding me of his warning

The next day came, and I was in for quite the surprise. Classes began, and I was nervous. Physical education was first. The purpose was to remain in fighting shape, and thankfully, I picked up relatively quickly. My father, being a part of the Cabal High Command, gave me some advice for situations just like this from a while back. He told me to allow all of my limbs to "think independently" when I wear heavy armor, or it will weigh me down. With this in mind, my brain-to-body coordination allowed me to maneuver in it with ease. But then another student decided to challenge me to a quick relay race, and I accepted the challenge. It ended in a tie.

Weapons training came next. We first had to practice with the bread-and-butter of the Cabal military, Slug Rifles, before we make our way up to the likes of Projection Rifles and Heavy Slug Throwers, which were reserved for the elites. My dad gave me a Slug Rifle for when I go to war, and this was the place to put it to the test. If there are any tips I can give here, it would be this: accuracy, reflexes, and awareness are key. I was consistently on target, with good reaction times and knew full well what my intended targets were.

Despite being in top fighting shape and being well-suited to the use of armaments, I had little concern for tactics. I always focused on being the juggernaut, an unstoppable force that cared not for the obstacles in my path. Although I was quick on both the move and the draw all while maintaining great durability and strength, I was not intellectually gifted, and so I failed my first military engineering project, and could never read the cues of my opponents. My own strategies were predictable. I came to terms with the fact that strength is nothing without proper direction.

Chapter 3: Preparation

"Now that is what I want to see! "
— Primus Tru'url upon noticing that I have been making significant improvements

Years passed, and I slowly but surely improved in the way of tactical study and observation as well as military engineering. My mind became sharper and grew more astute and attentive. I retried my first engineering project, which was to program a landmine, prime it for detonation, and toss it into the cold desert sands of Mars. This was the first time it had successfully detonated. My dad and engineering instructor noticed this and praised me for my improvements.

And then I noticed my tactics instructor coming towards and asked me to show my father just how much I've improved. A group of well-programmed AI targets advanced on my position with the press of a button, and I wiped them all out without a scratch. But my first real test was about to arrive soon, for we were ambushed by the Vex. I took out my Slug Rifle and pounded them with suppressive fire. I killed one wave, but then a Minotaur appeared and I ran for cover. My father and professors covered me with their slug throwers while I found another attack position using jump jets that were built-in with my armor. We overwhelmed them and they retreated.

"Now that was close!", I said in a panic. My father then told me that the Cabal were in constant conflict with the Vex, specifically with a programming known as the Virgo Prohibition, which were among the most aggressive and dangerous Vex units known to Cabal-kind. We were up against a powerful enemy that I had to face when I go to war. I was not ready yet. I had a few more years before I could join the ranks of the army.

Chapter 4: Desparation

"I haven't seen him since graduation. He's a good friend. Dependable, relatable, and he knows how to hold his own. But when I saw him in the hospital, I wondered what'd happened to him. Draug'oth, he told me, had a run-in with some Minotaurs and Hydras down in Freehold Station. Hydra blasted him in the face real bad. He's gonna remember this for years, despite brain damage."
— Rul'urg on noticing my injuries in the hospital

As I continued to improve in school, I was eventually granted an Elite Honors' Award by Primus Ro'alg during an assembly on the last day of school in my life. He went as far to say that I was an exemplary student that represents everything a skilled soldier should be: fierce, unflinching, intelligent, strong. It was from this day forth that I knew that I would be drawn into the ranks of the Cabal military, and eventually, the High Command. But as much as war unifies us all under one cause, it can separate and leave cracks in even the strongest social bonds, like that of my father and I. He told me that he was heading off to war with the Vex in the Black Garden. I asked if I will ever see him again, and he replied, "I don't know." "But, Dad..." "Now, my boy. You must fend for yourself while I am away. Farewell." He hugged me and then left.

A few years passed as I frantically sought how to stay alive. I had to fend for myself both at home and out in the wild. I always took my Slug Rifle with me, just in case. It was a rough environment out in the cold desert sands of Mars. Constantly being assaulted by Vex on all sides, all the while having to hunt for fresh meat to sustain myself for as long as possible. I went after big game, since they kept us full for several months. I fought on until a terrible encounter at age 16, when I sustained a scarring injury in a quarrel with a group of Vex Minotaurs and Hydras as I ventured deep into the tunnels of Freehold. Actually, now that I think about it, what I doing in there?

Regardless, they blasted me into oblivion. My heavy armor suit was malfunctioning, and before I knew it, I was knocked unconscious in the head by a Hydra's death blast! My skull was fractured and the radiation from the blast entered my brain and poisoned it. However, my friend from school, Rul'urg, took me into an emergency room, where I laid dormant for the next 2 years. I was unaware that my friend was there, waiting for me. We hadn't seen each other for a long time, and so I was curious about his whereabouts. He told me that he got an invitation to the army, and so did I. But there was one thing that him and I alike knew: if we entered the army, that meant war.

Chapter 5: Reunion

"Man, have I not seen my nephew and his friend in a long time! I was starting to miss him when I moved him to his father's place, realizing that he could actually do something. Tru'url's been a little cold towards Draug'oth until he started making improvements. Tru'url told me his son's ready for the art of war, and so I said, "Let 'im at it!" And now, he's a dedicated Siege Dancer."
— Primus Thru'ul on seeing me again

Rul'urg and I went to the nearest military base of the legion we got invited to. Since him and I did so well in school, it made all the more sense that we got invited into the elite forward detachment of the Cabal: the Siege Dancers. As a Siege Dancer, it was my duty to conquer newly found territory and set up fortifications there so that no one can take it. But there's a risk: although I was joining the elites, I was also part of the first soldiers to be deployed on the battlefield. That was a risk I was willing to take. As my friend and I entered the base, we saw a group of other recruits lined up side by side, in front on a member of the Cabal High Command: my uncle, Primus Thru'ul.

He greeted my friend and I with a warm welcome to the Siege Dancers, and told us to stand in line with the others so he could tell us what we were in for, "What does it mean to be a Siege Dancer? Only being tasked with the most daring prospect any Cabal soldier has attempted the feats of: pushing into unclaimed territory and conquering it without mercy, ensuring the opposition has no chance of retaliating against us, and setting up fortifications there, which we guard with prejudice. It means...that we have been privileged with the most important duties of any Cabal soldier. It means...that we form both the hammer and the wall of the army. It means...that amongst the Cabal...we...are the ELITES! The lot of you have been selected for your bravery, your determination, your ferocity, and for that, the Cabal High Command appreciates your service. Now, we must do what a Siege Dancer would do, and take what we see fit to be ours!" A Harvester dropped down outside the base waiting to pick us up and deliver us to our first destination: Valley of the Kings.

We were tasked with opening the gate to The Black Garden. We were dropped off in front off a huge Vex gate, and we were all awe-struck. "Behold the gate to the Black Garden.", my uncle began. "It is one of the most mysterious encryptions known to Cabal-kind. You think you're up to the task, nephew? Will you be able to get us into the Black Garden?" "I'll see what I can do.", I replied. "Well, you have to know what to do, and based on your history, it seems like you do." "Well, here I go." We knew something was coming, so I tightly grabbed my Slug Rifle and attached a bayonet to its muzzle, as well as a miniature revolver attachment to the barrel for increase the fire rate and a 2x magnification scope for extra accuracy. A few seconds later, a cloud of dark purple mist with an electrical orb in the center appeared out of thin air right in front of the gate. That's how I know the Vex would arrive.

They knew we were going to launch an invasion, so they launched a counterattack. Lucky for us, our defense lines had already been set up. Turrets scattered around the field. Phalanx shields forming inpenetrable walls that would refuse to go down. They only started out by deploying Goblins and Hobgoblins, but I knew this wasn't all. I've seen their Minotaurs and Hydras, and I've yet to see their Cyclopses. My first major conflict has started. Here I go...into mastering the art of war...

Chapter 6: The Art of War

"The Vex got what they deserved. They're aptly named, too, since their most confusing aspect is the fact that they all work as one hivemind. Thinking about them makes my head hurt."
— Me on the Vex and my "victory" over them while thinking about how they work

This battle was a hectic one. I was able to move towards any line and set up landmines and turrets to further fortify our defenses, although I mainly spent my time on the top floor providing fierce, yet brief periods of overwatch and suppressive fire, because I had to penetrate all the layers of the Vex Gate using the given encryptions. I tried to enter special codes, and for a few minutes, it seemed as if it was working, and in fact, I penetrated the cognition mesh, but then my programming was interrupted by Vex interference. They used a special radiation field that shut down the encryption.

The mission was an automatic fail; there was no way around the interference, so I had no choice but to reinforce the defensive lines. I grabbed my Slug Rifle and rushed into the fray using my jet packs, and fired as I landed. My uncle asked me what happened, and I told him, "There's an interference that's preventing me from using the encryptions!" "Alright, change of plans, legion! All that matters now is to defend the base!" Just as he finished saying that, a group of Vex Minotaurs entered the field and started to advance. I saw that none of the Vex had detonated my landmines, and so I decided to shoot them whenever a group of Goblins stepped too close to them. The massive blast radius took them right out. The others, not so much. I tried shooting a Hobgoblin every once in a while, only to find out that they put up an invincible shield for a few seconds before I could shoot them again. Those shields, I reckoned, could even withstand the landmine detonations, and they did. The Minotaurs teleported away from the landmines and the Hydras shot them down before making a move. The Minotaurs were especially dangerous, not only could they teleport erratically, but their chassis also comes with an absorption shield for extra defense. Theirs was Void, my weapon dealt Solar damage. I speculated if their shield represented which element they were resistant to, so I fired some shots at one, but it didn't flinch...and it was running straight for me. Great.

Now I had a huge problem, because the Vex, being so appropriately named, brought in their heavy artillery: the Cyclops, big, durable T-shaped constructs capable of launching devastating mortar fire. Three of them were on the field. I first wanted to see if I could get close. Using my jump jets, I quickly maneuvered across the landscape and gained access to the enemy position. I planted a landmine onto each of the Cyclopes and when I got back to cover, I detonated them and the Cyclops were punched into a state of confusion, spraying and praying, accidentally killing all the other Vex, even themselves. Then the gate closed.

Chapter 7: Ascension

"So, you penetrated the cognition mesh?"
"Yeah, but I couldn't get past the other layers. Interference and all that."
"The Vex are getting stronger, then. As they gain control over time, they may choose to wipe us all out of existence. But I think you are in a good enough position to start getting in there yourself."
— Thru'ul and I on the defense the Vex put up, while also considering me moving up the ranks

My performance saw me get promoted to the rank of Centurion, capable of leading my own squads without direct assistance from my superiors. It felt good, but I didn't celebrate, because I had another important mission coming soon. I had been selected to reinforce defenses set up at the Scablands by fellow Siege Dancers, as they were under attack by the Vex. Rul'urg decided to come with me.

Just as we left the base, I picked a Cabal Shield along with my Slug Rifle, which Rul'urg made an adjustment to: an under-slung Projection Rifle. It still feels easy to carry with one hand. I, along with my crew of 16 Legionaries, 12 Phalanxes, 14 Psions, and 2 other Centurions went aboard the Harvester waiting outside, and it flew off. Now me? I was an Imperial Centurion. I had special training for stuff like this, thanks to my dad and uncle being members of the Cabal High Command. I started to give orders, "As we land, it'll be trench warfare from here on out. Set up whatever you have: traps, landmines, turrets, anything. All we need to do is push them back."

We landed, then dropped down and scattered. We could only peek out and take potshots every once in a while because the Vex decided to send in their Cyclopses...again. They were firing their Void mortar shells, and they were taking a huge toll on our base. I climbed on a ledge and started firing at them with Solar grenades from the under-slung Projection Rifle on my gun. I noticed they were doing a lot more damage, but it appears the Vex have learned some new tricks. The Cyclops were actually being protected by a machine they were using to pull us through time. I then rallied my troops and gave them the following orders, "Focus your fire on the protective machinery near the Cylops!" A Legionary placed down a turret, and a couple of Phalanxes, including Rul'urg, hurled breaching charges at the enemy's spawn point.

I ran in and went after the machines powering the time vacuum. This sent the Cyclopses into a berserker rage, rapidly firing explosive Void bolts in all directions. My crew opened fire on them from their trenches, while also taking cover when the enemy fire got too close for comfort. This cycle repeated for a half hour until eventually, we destroyed all the Cyclopses, shutting down the vacuum and driving back the Vex. We went inside the base shortly afterwards, and received a double promotion. Not only was I promoted to a Colossus, which meant I got my own Heavy Slug Thrower, but I also became the Primus of the Siege Dancers. My uncle passed down the position to me when he figured I turned the tide of battle without his help. I then got up in front of the legion, and gave a speech about how I was honored to take up this position. However, I soon got orders from the Cabal High Command to carry out a mission I would immediately come to regret: the conquering of Earth, and with it, the final stronghold of humanity: The Last City. This is when humanity would come to fear me. You people didn't deserve this.

Chapter 8: Invasion

"We have been ordered by the High Command to set our sights on The Last City, the last safe space the Traveler can protect with its Light. If we can crack that open, we can bring humanity to its knees.""
— Me rallying my forces to get ready to conquer Earth

This was when it was all or nothing. As Primus of the Siege Dancers, I had to take over what High Command deemed necessary, or I would not be considered Cabal. Rul'urg was my Valus, my second-in-command, as he had been a faithful companion to me. I rallied my forces and told them what they were in for this time around. This was new territory; I've never been to Earth before, but I have heard reports of Guardians assaulting Cabal strongholds on Mars. Previous reports have told me that each Guardian has an expensive arsenal of weapons and abilities: three guns (primary, secondary, and heavy), a grenade and melee ability, and a Super ability. They would be armed to the teeth, so I had to reciprocate the firepower necessary to respond in battle.

As we went on board our Harvester, I warned my forces of all the reports other Cabal have been sending to the High Command about the Guardians. They remain something of a mystery to them, but I know it all. Of course, Earth was its own planet, so it took us days to get there, but when we finally got there, we couldn't help but stare at the huge wall right in front of us. I told my forces to set up any combat electronics they had, especially breaching charges, because they were what would break the wall down. Rul'urg went on ahead and placed his directly on it, but at the same time, I detected someone on the upper level looking down at us and so I took out my rifle and fired a projection grenade upward at their position. A great battle ensued.

Jumpships swarmed into the field and dropped off their Guardians to lead the mass defensive. One thing I never noticed is that the Light inside of them gave them untold strength, abilities I had never seen before. They were also uniquely organized, more so than I thought. Titans serve as the heavy infantry squadron, setting up massive Void bulwarks, smashing groups of combatants using Arc shockwaves, and raining heavy artillery using explosive Solar hammers; Hunters serve as the scouts and rangers, gunning down opponents from afar using flaming Solar pistols of high caliber, assassinating foes up close using knives infused with Arc energy, and keeping foes in place using Void tethering arrows; Warlocks serve as supportive mages who can bend reality, launching explosive Void blasts, enhancing their abilities using rays of Solar light, and electrocuting foes with surges of Arc power. These made for a powerful force, and much more than I alone could handle. You people put up a good fight.

Several hours in, the Guardians had suffered casualties of around 60%, while I lost about half as much. Guardians started retreating. "Blast it open!", I shouted in desperation. The breaching charges on the Wall detonated one by one, but a few moments later, the last member of the Iron Lords arrived. Lord Saladin told my forces to surrender, but I refused. I was given clear orders, and I was not allowed to sway from them, no matter how much I wish I could stop. "Very well, then", he said. He then began to take out a battleaxe and charged headlong into my forces. With the Guardians reassured, they started to make a comeback.

We were surrounded, but I continued to stand my ground. I noticed that they started pushing forward very rapidly, continuously using their Super abilities. Another day later, the dust had finally settled. Him and I were the only ones left standing. Everyone else was on the floor, either too wounded to get back up or lying dead on the ground and showing no more signs of life, including my friend Rul'urg. As we put down our weapons, Saladin and I were looking at each other face-to-face. "You must be lost, Primus." I knew what he meant. I did a messed up thing, even when I had no choice. It was against Cabal law to oppose or decline the mission objective, and that forced me to walk the path I started on. I wanted to fight for my people, but I never thought it would involve conquering the innocent. With this new lesson learned, I wanted a chance to call out my people's ways. I said to him, "Yes, I'm lost. Your cause is noble and mine barbaric. Please, help me see a new way. Humanity never deserved this. I'm sorry." "You won't be forgiven so easily, but with enough dedication, you can turn this situation around." "Thank you."

Chapter 9: Reconciliation

"A lost Primus, seeking conflict-resolution. This is certainly unlike anything I've ever witnessed before. But maybe he can be given a chance, so long as he agrees to abandon his military ways.""
— Lord Saladin considering who needs to be shown the Light

Saladin began, "Primus, allow me to take you to the Iron Temple. There, you can learn about our history and know what to stand for. Several people have died for a good cause, and any visit is enough to honor it." We boarded his jumpship and I entered the temple when we landed. When we got inside, I noticed the tombs of the other Iron Lords. "These people have sacrificed their lives for a good cause. You've convinced that you've seen the error in your ways, but now I ask for your dedication to this new cause. To swear loyalty to the City, repeat after me. I solemnly swear to keep the innocent safe. By taking the Spark of Light, I use it for the greater good, for the Traveler, and all it chooses to protect. If I am to use this power, I must use it carefully and keep watch over any threats that lurk on the other side." I repeated his words. Saladin then said, "You are ready, Primus."

Chapter 10: A New Meaning

"Suddenly, I'm changed in every way. This power is unlike anything I've never felt before. But I can get used to this. I might even like it. One thing's for sure: it'll make me something more than a monster.""
— What I was thinking when Light was coursing through me

My life was about to change completely. No longer was I a brutal engine of war. I will become more sensible as an individual. As I was presented a Spark of Light by the Traveler, it entered my body and completely transformed my will and strength. Once well known as a degenerate, inconsiderate brute, I was now respected by the Defender Titan order. They showed me how to "become the wall". All the other Guardians, though, were still skeptical of me, which was completely fair. I was following barbaric ideals before this, after all. In front of the Traveler itself, I gave a speech to a large crowd of Guardians with the following main idea in mind, "It doesn't matter where you come from. The Light is a gift to all who welcome its embrance. Guardians, it is my pleasure to begin my alliance with all of you, to work closely with you to reclaim all you have lost. And now, I join the forces of humanity, and returning to a time when you were much more powerful." I then took up the position as one of the forerunners in humanity's military forces, leading numerous offensives against their enemies and becoming one of the fiercest defenders of The Last City ever since. And most importantly, thank you, Guardians, for showing me the Light...


And that's how I got here. I've managed to stack up a whole bunch of burritos next to me as I edit these pages, because I tend to get hungry. Now that you where I come from, you might as well get to know me more.

My Place Amongst the Guardians' Forces (Destiny 1)

Primus Draug'oth, the Risen
Biographical information




Siege Dancers (formerly)


Primus (formerly)






10 ft.


800 lbs.

Combat information


Heavy Slug Thrower
Cabal Shield
Modified Scorch Cannon


Ward of Dawn
Force Barrier
Shield Lunge
Attack Deflection
Limited Flight
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Quake Punch


"I like this Primus guy. I mean, before, he was a total monster, don't get me wrong, but...he's a lot more humble and sensitive now. He's cool and collected, always doing what he can. Look, what I'm trying to say is...I'm glad he's workin' with us. "

As one of the fiercest defenders of The Last City, and an elite heavy infantry unit, it's appropriate that I'd be all the more powerful as a combatant. I retain my prior arsenal, and exposure to the Light has added to that. They have trusted me enough for me to be this powerful. But, of course, there are those that fear my temperament, especially the Vanguard. That's only in the heat of battle, though.

Weapons (Destiny 1)

  • Heavy Slug Thrower: This is my main weapon, my Heavy Slug Thrower. This particular model fires at 3000 RPM and is built to fire high-caliber micro-rockets. Enemies struck with sustained fire from them will be stunlocked and shoved backwards into a position where they cannot escape.
  • Cabal Shield: You know those invulnerable shields that the Phalanx Cabal unit uses. I have one of those, but it's much bigger to accommodate to my bulk, so it protects me from the front entirely, and it can even deflect enemy projectiles, as well as perform that shield bash that the Phalanx does, but the difference is that my shield lunge range is a lot further than you might think.
  • Modified Scorch Cannon: During my adventures in the Wolf Rebellion, I got a Scorch Cannon from a Reef Chest. It was enhanced the weapon with a hotter and bigger "furnace" to give the weapon incendiary properties, so that it creates large spots of fire upon detonation. I pair my shield with this cannon so I can not only absorb enemy attacks, but also return fire. Literally.

Abilities (Destiny 1)

  • Ward of Dawn: When sorely pressed, I will resort to putting up a dome of Void energy that increases my resilience and damage output.
  • Quake Punch: Despite my heavy reliance on weapons and abilities, my physical bulk gives me immense strength, especially with my punches. My punches can break down enemy structures faster than any other normal Titan would, but then it wouldn't be a fair comparison, given that they're humans and I'm a Cabal, so I apologize for that.
  • Force Barrier: I'm lucky to have armor that can stop all manner of projeciles. But with Light coursing through my veins, I have been given an extra defense: a Force Barrier. This stacks with my armor to make me even more of a walking tank than I was previously.

Events of Crota's Invasion


What Happened

I joined the Tower after the Black Heart died, so my only job was to patrol the Cosmodrome. If I noticed anything extraordinary, I was to report it to the Vanguard. It seemed like a typical day on patrol: we had the House of Devils appearing all over the place, and occasionally saw some Hive to mow down in the morning. However, when I got to the Skywatch, I noticed a Seeder Ship emitting a green corrosive liquid that eroded its surroundings. Legions of Thrall were crawling out of it, running towards me with a blind rage. I fended them all off and decided to push on into the Seeder until after seeing that they were loads of Acolytes, Wizards, and Knights flooding the area. It was at this moment that I retreated all the way back to the city.

Commander Zavala asked me to report what I've seen, "I came across a Seeder Ship at the Skywatch and there was lot of Hive coming out of it. A LOT." "Cayde. Show the Primus the way to Eris Morn." "Wait, why me?", said Cayde with a very confused look on his face. "Ok, here we go. Follow me, Primus." Cayde and I went down a long hallway and stopped in front of an eerie-looking woman holding a crystal. "Primus, as much as I hate to say this, this is Eris Morn. She's our expert matter on the Hive. Got any questions, ask her, but chances are she's going to ramble on and on, so don't do that." Eris turned to Cayde, gave him an annoyed look and said, "That's because you never listen to me." Then she turned to me and said, "At any rate, Crota and his army are preparing another massive invasion. But before we can destroy Crota himself, we must destroy his most trusted lieutenants: Sardon, Fist of Crota and Omnigul, Will of Crota. Sardon resides in The Grottos, where he commands his master's armies through a fist of Darkness. You must push in and see to his end. Omnigul, meanwhile, erratically travels from one place to the next, constantly monitoring the progress of the battle. You must corner her in the Jovian Complex and silence her screams. With these tasks accomplished, the Hive will stumble." My mission was clear, so I boarded my Harvester and flew off.

I went back to the Cosmodrome in search of the two targets I've been assigned to kill. I decided to go after Sardon first because he was in one spot. When I got to the Grottos, though, no one was there. There was a 30-second pause before anything happened. Suddenly, Darkness was coursing through my veins. I've been poisoned; my abilities of Light had been shut down; I was weighed to the ground; there was a green haze in my field of view. I didn't know where it was coming from until I saw a Knight appear from out of nowhere. I knew it had to be Sardon. He charged at me with a Cleaver in hand and I rushed at him ready to land a bone-cracking punch. I missed, and he quickly slashed me in the stomach. I ran off into a cave where he couldn't reach me. I thought he was only deadly up close. But he sent in a wave of Thrall to flush me out and covered them with a series of Arc shockwaves by slamming his sword on the ground. These shockwaves traveled across the floor for a very long distance. They got to me and I felt the Thrall jumping on me. After pounding on them and recovering from the attack, I ran around and behind him. He knew I was coming from behind him so he did a backward slash but I caught his sword when he was doing so. I broke his sword in half and punched him on the spot, killing him instantly, removing the burden of Darkness.

I've chased after Omnigul so many times until I finally caught her in the Jovian Complex. I pulled out my Heavy Slug Thrower and opened fire. She kept teleporting away and sending in reinforcements. Eventually, there was nowhere for Omnigul to go, so I punched her to death. I thought I was ready to take on Crota, but Eris told me that I had to banish his soul first. If his soul had been successfully woken, he would enter the material world from his Ascendant Realm and start wreaking havoc on us. To the Chamber of Night it was, then. [[Cursed Thrall], Hallowed Knights and Hallowed Wizards were flooding the path. I kept cutting through them until I came across some Wakers of Crota. Only when I killed the Wakers could I banish Crota's soul from the material realm. As Crota's soul rose from the ground, it unleashed total hell, so I returned the favor. It took a lot of bullets to destroy the soul. How many will Crota himself take?

I found out as soon as I entered his realm: none. Because only his shield could be shot down, not himself. I would need a sword from the Swordbearer downstairs. So I "asked" him if I could use the sword to kill Crota, and after it fell out of his hands, I took out my Slug Rifle to shoot down his shield, and ran at him with the sword, cutting him to bits. But he quickly got back up and summoned his Oversoul which I shot at with the underslung grenade launcher of my rifle. And because the Oversoul was a distraction, this gave Crota the opportunity to slash me in the stomach and zap me to death. And because I couldn't regenerate my shield, I was severely weakened, but I still had my strength. As long as I had the sword, I could kill him. Unluckily for him, his Oversoul went down, and I got back to wasting him. As he knelt once more, I landed the killing blow. Then Eris told me that I have given her the gift of vengeance.


  • The Darkness has a pantheon of gods and they lost one of their greatest.

Events of the Wolf Rebellion


What Happened

I'll be honest: Awoken society confuses me. Their way of doing things, their ties to the Fallen; I just don't understand them. Regardless, I got a distress signal from The Reef and decided to investigate. When I got there, I found the throne room in ashes. A majority of the Royal Awoken Guard in the area lay dead, and Queen Mara Sov lying down on her throne completely in shock. I walked up to her and asked her what was wrong. She told me, "I have been betrayed. The Fallen that I once controlled have been rallied under their newly freed Kell, Skolas. After having escaped from the Prison of Elders, he plans to unite all Fallen Houses and bring them together to plunder both The Reef and The Last City." "What caused his condition?" "How would I know?" She then called, "Petra!" Petra then came and said, "I know what I've been called for. I will not stop until it is done. Those Fallen will pay. Might I ask who this Cabal is standing next to me?" "He's the only Cabal affiliated with the Last City: Primus Draug'oth." She then looked up at me nervously, "Oh, well...hi." "So, what happened with the Fallen?" "They rally under the Wolf Banner, I don't think you've heard of this. Well, come with me and we'll set you up for this counter-rebellion." And off the two of us went. She attached a comm device to my armor and connected it with hers. I then took my Harvester and flew to Venus.

Petra then came on the comms and we had a conversation about Skolas' whereabouts. She told me that after trying to conquer several Fallen houses, he failed. As I went up the Vex spire at The Citadel, I saw him in the remote distance. She sent in support to help me get across the great chasm. Then after the chasm, I slowly walked up to Skolas, who noticed me, and quickly turned around. I took out my Heavy Slug Thrower and opened fire. He kept teleporting around me and fired his Shrapnel Launcher in my face. I was bleeding, and was losing vision. But I predicted his movements. I finally grabbed him by the threat, and kept bashing his head into the wall, making him stunned. I slammed my foot on his neck and repeatedly fired my slug thrower into his chest. A series of red rings appeared around him. They were coming from a tractor beam being fired by the Queen's flagship, where she sent her transmission as he picked him up and sent him to the Prison of Elders.

As I went into the Prison, I met up with a Fallen named Variks, the warden. "A Cabal champion, yes? Name is Variks. Yours?" "Primus Draug'oth." "Primus, welcome to the Prison. Clear out enemies, impress your warden, and be rewarded treasure down below. And eventually, meet up with Skolas and end him for good." "I thought I killed him." "Killed him, you haven't. Only severely wounded. However, traces of Ether bring him back. When you get the chance...kill. Him. Dead." "I accept." "Good...but you must prove yourself. Prove to me you are worthy." So I went down below and killed a bunch of bad guys for several hours, and Variks approved, "You have won. Grab treasure and prepare yourself for the final fight, yes?" And then, I saw it, a big chest at the end revealing a Scorch Cannon for me to use. I then went back in the arena to challenge Skolas once more. I decided to use it against him and it worked wonders. He had a cannon of his own, and he even tried to poison me through some unknown means, but I can take it. Eventually, I blasted him into oblivion, and at last, he was dead. So long, Skolas the Legitimately Insane!


  • I beat Skolas with his own medicine.

Events of the Taken War


  • Tell Oryx to shut up about his son.
  • Get the Hive to understand that their Sword Logic means nothing.

What Happened

Eris came back. "Primus. They're back." "How bad did the Hive get this time?" "See for yourself." I was sent to investigate a Cabal firebase located on Phobos on Zavala's behalf, to respond to their distress signal. I flew my Harvester over to their base and saw numerous crippled and dead Cabal lying on the floor. I dug deeper into the base to see some Centurions being pulled in by a strange rift, like they're being sucked into another dimension. "What the hell was that?", I suddenly said in a rush (yes, Zavala, I stole your phrase.) I began fearing for my life as I figured I would suffer the same fate. The same rifts kept appearing but in the form of floating mines that detonated on contact. I then reached the center of the base, loaded with those rifts and a giant black sphere in the middle. I slowly approached it but then a blinding flash occurred and the rifts exploded to life, taking the forms of corrupted enemy forces. These were the Taken. The Taken War had begun.

At first I tried to defend myself with my Heavy Slug Thrower and Scorch Cannon as well as my Ward of Dawn, but the Taken grew larger and stronger, and so I could only run away. Outside, I saw my Harvester parked on the airfield, and I had evacuated. I then received an incoming broadcast from the Vanguard to tell them of my whereabouts. "Primus, report", Zavala said. "There were Cabal soldiers being pulled into another dimension only to come back out as corrupted life forms. What can Eris make of this?" She said, "They are Taken. You slayed Crota, but that awoke his father: Oryx, the Taken King. From his ascendant realm, he commands an army of Hive and Taken and sends in Echoes to blight the system. If he is not stopped, the whole system will be purged." "Where do we find him?", I asked. Cayde then cut in and said, "Don't worry, Primus. I'll direct you to the Dreadnaught so you can kill him yourself." "Cayde, you once again undermine the one important task we must take before the slaughter. In this case, you undermine the need for an Ascendant Shard. With it, you will be able to enter Oryx's realm and destroy him."

Eris and Cayde sent the shard to me via transmat, which prompted me to mark the Dreadnaught's coordinates. It took several months for me to locate it, but when I did, I found a gigantic hull breach made by a Cabal warship, and its soldiers fighting against the Hive. I decided to fly into the breach, past the fighting, through the tunnels and into the rupture that lead to Oryx's realm. I ended up in a very strange place. As I dug deeper, I killed Hive and Taken reinforcements progressively getting stronger, faster, and tougher. Then, a long empty tunnel swallowed me in and drained me of my Light. When I woke up hours later, I found myself in a Threshold, with a Taken rift at the end of the hallway. It exploded, signaling the arrival of Oryx. He was massive, and extremely powerful. He was immune to bullets and rockets, and my Light is drained, so I might be done for...unless you count the Ascendant Shard that got me in. I had to consume some of its power to even stand a chance against him. He casted countless spells on me, but they didn't even scratch my armor. He tried to drag me into another dimension, but my shard released a pulse that cancelled this, stunning Oryx and dropping remnants of my corrupted Light. I began to channel it, reclaiming it for myself. I then put up my Ward of Dawn to send him screaming into space. His body shriveled up and he died, permanently...


  • Oryx is dead, and the Hive are dealt a major blow.
  • The Taken have been left leaderless.

Events of the SIVA Crisis


What Happened

I got a live-recorded transmission from Lord Saladman. It's been a while, I know. He said, "Primus, I'm investigating a dangerous force marching their way up Felwinter Peak. Intercept them before they reach Vostok Observatory and break open the Iron Temple." "What do they want?" "It's...disturbing. I'll inform you as you climb the mountains." So I flew my Harvester to the mountains and when I landed, I saw a rough summit up ahead. It was bitter cold. As I got up farther, I saw some strange-looking Fallen. They certainly looked nothing like the Fallen I've seen before. Saladin warned me, "Those are the Devil Splicers. They managed to unearth SIVA even though we buried it away. SIVA is a nanotechnology that can be used to manipulate and form anything, but when it gets out of control, it eradicates everything in sight and infects all those who stand in its path, like a virus. What's especially concerning is that this radical sect of Fallen have used it to enhance their leadership to create new, enhanced models, even a new Archon and a long-lost Prime Servitor, Sepiks Perfected." And just as he said that, Sepiks came swooping down. It took about a couple of hours to fend it off from the Iron Temple, and the Splicers soon retreated.

I then went down into the Plaguelands and challenged the champions of the Splicers to gain clues of their whereabouts, in the Archon's Forge. I collected their dropped SIVA networking and returned it to the Iron Temple for analysis. According to the results from Shiro-4 and Tyra Karn, the Splicers seem to have guarded Sepiks in their old hiding ground and their Archon hides deep within the Perfection Complex. I decided to tackle Sepiks first because it was more active. Shiro warned me of its enhanced shielding systems, but I told him that I already had a countermeasure to get around it. Sepiks, even with its increased defenses, was rather easy to dispose of, but then they told me that their true leader, Aksis, Archon Prime, wasn't so easy to find.

The Perfection Complex is buried deep within the Plaguelands, and I would've had to make it past the SIVA replication chamber if I were to be able to face him. Thanks to earlier Guardian efforts, I can just worry about making it through to Aksis and telling him that his life is not of worth, but not before Randal could give me a proper spanking. He was a rough one. Then, I ended up in a dark room with two glowing red eyes in the back of the room. As soon as I looked at them, the room surged with electricity, the lights flashed on, and there he was: Aksis. He tried to overtake my body with SIVA swarms, but the Light within my veins amplified. As a result, I became heavily resistant to SIVA and moved around faster to avoid his attacks. I popped my Ward and attacked back. I struck down Aksis with a blow to the head, his systems fried, and was permanently shut down. The SIVA Crisis is won.


  • I don't catch a SIVA infection.

Events of the Red War


What Happened

I saw the City turn to ashes at the hands of the Red Legion. I ran to my Harvester and flew away, far away from the city and into space. I tried to search for new power. First, I landed in the Outskirts of the European Dead Zone. All I encountered was a bunch of Fallen. However, these Fallen weren't under any house colors I've seen before. They were purple; I've heard reports that remnants from all the separate houses banded together in desperation to form the House of Dusk. I even came across a massive Servitor that I thought I could sap power from. All I had was my Heavy Slug Thrower. My other weapons and equipment were lost under the rubble of the Red Legion invasion. Sure doesn't help that this Servitor's here, either. It takes a lot of bullets to bring it down. I had to fight it off for hours. Bullet after bullet after bullet at 3000 RPM and it's still there. I had no choice but to run up to it and start punching it in the eye. It was draining my life force After several minutes of bashing its wires in, the Servitor finally exploded. But no luck at getting my hands on their enhanced ether. The Fallen scattered just as I went aboard my Harvester to blast them down.

My next destination was Titan. I landed in the New Pacific Arcology, but little did I know the Hive would be here. I decided to fly back but had to defend myself against a Hive assault before doing so. Then I went over to the Arcadian on Nessus. No luck. Although I did have to hold my own against an Integration Mind leading a Vex construct operation, which was fun. My bullets disappeared when hitting its rotating shields, so I charged in for the kill. However, when it died, it left behind its core, which was about to detonate. I remember the first time this happened to me, so I ran away from the explosion and survived. The Vex retreated. Last up was the Echo Mesa on Io. Everything leading up to this was a reminder of my potential strength. This encounter was the most shocking to me. The Taken lurked these grounds. I've seen them before, but not on the battlefield. And to make things worse, there were a few Cabal Taken figures I could make out from a distance: my professors, my uncle, and my father were all Taken. They were long-time friends, but once they're Taken, they cannot be brought back, so I had to kill them. Hours later, they disappeared into nothingness. I was still so much in shock at what I had seen. I swore vengeance on my father's name. Whoever Took my family and friends, I will find you, and I will KILL YOU.

But I couldn't stop there, as it wasn't my main focus. I was looking for greater power, something that cannot be taken away from me, power that could truly become a part of me. I looked in so many places and couldn't find true power. I spent months flying through space in my Harvester. Nothing. Even more months passed. I fell asleep during that time, until I had a strange vision in my head, picturing an alternate realm. That was when I woke up and looked outside my window. There, I saw a gigantic space catfish floating by. I figured that the presence of that ship was what caused that weird dream. "Odd", I said to myself. As I got closer and landed, I realized that this was actually another Cabal flagship. It was very royally designed. I've never known Cabal to have any sort of royalty, even though we have an Emperor. I remember his name, too. Calus. I've heard that name before, but I can't remember when or where. But here is where I realized that this is his flagship.

I decided to trek forward deep into his ship to his throne room. All the royal Cabal guards simply stood there and laid a path for me to Calus' throne. I finally got to the throne room, and there he was. Emperor Calus. Laying in his throne enjoying a cup of royal wine. He turned his head to me and said, "Draug'oth. I've been looking for you. You seek the ultimate power, do you?" "Yes." "I have that power myself. Power that I know that you would seek. So, I hear your Light went out. Well, now that you're here, I will show you. You're going to enjoy this. But first, I need you to sip this royal wine." He gave me his chalice for me to take a sip, I took a quick drink, and I put it down beside his throne. "Now, my Councilors will arm you with true power." His Councilors appeared out of nowhere floating above ceremonial plates. They started to surround me in a bubble. Calus was holding a string of energy in his hands, stretching it apart, and then focusing it on me. My body flashed. The Councilors then fired focus beams at me. I was immobilized for 10 seconds, but felt very different afterwards. They released me soon after. "Now that you have this power, Primus, take your rightful place alongside me and together, we will grow fat from strength." "Thank you, Emperor."


  • I feel powerful again.

My Place Amongst the Cabal Empire & Guardians' Forces (Destiny 2)

Primus Draug'oth, the Revitalized
Biographical information






Ambassador (Loyalists)
Commander (Vanguard)








1000 lbs.

Combat information


Cabal Slug Launcher
Cabal Cluster Missiles
Cabal Energy Shield
Cabal Bronto Cannon


Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Imperial Nova
Mental Collapse
Psionic Overload
Afterburn Blast
High Durability
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Midair Levitation
Seismic Punch



  • Cabal Slug Launcher: Instead of my old Heavy Slug Thrower, I was given a Slug Launcher which fires high-impact super slugs at a constant rate. This'll be great for punching through difficult enemies.
  • Cabal Cluster Missiles: Like a proper Colossus, I can now launch a series of cluster missiles out of the back of my armor. These will blind and slow anyone that gets hits by them.
  • Energy Shield: Yes, I still carry a shield with me. It can form a widened barrier, too.


  • Imperial Nova: Forming a string of energy conjured from my mind, I can unleash a devastating explosion that can wipe out large groups of enemies in the blink of an eye. This is my most powerful ability yet.
  • Mental Collapse: I can force one's mind to go out of control via the mindscape. This will cause a mental collapse for the victim, who will then be petrified and will die on the spot.
  • Psionic Overload: I can summon a giant rain of purple homing skulls that can wreak havoc. Nuff said.
  • Afterburn Blast: By charging up Solar energy in my arms, I can direct it into a focused blast that can instantly obliterate anyone not paying attention. Anyone who survives will suffer nasty scars.
  • Seismic Punch: My punches have gotten even stronger. Whenever I punch the ground, it will send out a series of seismic ground waves that can disorient enemies, making them easier targets, so don't make me angry.