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Enemy Factions:

Blood of Oryx
House of Devils

Connecting Areas:

Jovian Complex
Lunar Complex
Terrestrial Complex

Area Type:


Public Events:

Defend the Warsat
Enemies Moving Against Each Other

Patrol Beacons:



The Skywatch is a part of the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, in an area west of Mothyards. It was built to maintain communications with Earth's colonies.

Points of Interest[edit]

The Skywatch contains three facilities: the Lunar Complex, the Terrestrial Complex, and the Jovian Complex.

  • The Lunar Complex was responsible for maintaining contact with the outposts on the Moon. After the Collapse, the Hive invaded and were temporarily sealed within.
  • The Terrestrial Complex was responsible for maintaining contact with Mercury, Venus, and Mars. It is currently occupied by the House of Kings and is the site of the last functional array station.
  • The Jovian Complex was responsible for maintaining contact with all colonies beyond the Asteroid Belt. It was partially demolished, and serves as Omnigul's lair.
  • There is a strange pile of remains that if disturbed shall say:"A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool." This is a reference to the 'loot cave' in the Jovian Complex that was patched. Before the patch, this cave was a popular spot for engram farming, since enemies would spawn from it endlessly and Guardians could shoot at the mouth of the cave for hours on end, producing the aforementioned deaths.

The Skywatch is on a plateau and is accessible via either the Lunar Complex, or the basement Terrestrial complex. The main clearing between the complexes has a lot of enemy activity, as Fallen and Hive forces fight each other here. Sometimes, in place of a Public Event, large numbers of enemies will fight each other here.[1]

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