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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Adventures are a PvE activity that will be introduced in Destiny 2. They are side-missions that can be dispatched to Guardians by free-roaming NPC's in the world.[1] They will be used as a means to impart lore/story.[2]

List of Adventures[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

European Dead Zone[edit]

  • Trostland
    • A Frame Job (20 Power) - Travel deep into enemy territory, ambush the Red Legion, and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen.
    • A New Frontier (30 Power) - Explore the European Dead Zone as Devrim provides support from the church.
    • Calling Them Home (20 Power) - Hawthorne is broadcasting a message from the Farm to guide refugees. Help her amplify it to reach the entire region.
    • Supply and Demand (170 Power) - An old friend is looking for Red legion supplies to... reappropriate. Scour Fallen territory for anything to scavenge.
  • Outskirts
    • Poor Reception (20 Power) - The Fallen are trying to black all communications in the EDZ. Find the source of the interference and shut it down.
  • The Sludge
    • Dark Alliance (160 Power) - Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region.
    • Getting Your Hands Dirty (160 Power) - Seize upon the Taken invasion of the EDZ, direct their assault against the Red Legion, and end it before it gets out of control.
  • The Gulch
    • Reversing the Polarity (160 Power) - The Cabal tend to use a single technology to power everything in their arsenal. Take advantage of that design flaw to send them a message.
    • Stop and Go (160 Power) - Power generators in the Red legion base are open to attack - but only for a short time. Speed into the subterranean complex and shut them down.
  • Firebase Hades
    • Anti-Anti-Air (160 Power) - Infiltrate the Red legion base and disable their network of flak turrets.
    • Unsafe At Any Speed (160 Power) - A nasty Fallen Pike gang is wreaking havoc in the area. Capture enemy vehicles and use them to even the odds.
  • Sunken Isles
    • No Safe Distance (170 Power) - The Red legion base is full of explosives even more dangerous than usual. Find and neutralize them before they can enter the field.
    • Red Legion, Black Oil (170 Power) - Destroy the dark liquid that the Cabal use to power their technology or contaminate it, for a subtler approach.


  • The Rig
    • Bad Neighbors (60 Power) - Resolve a dangerous conflict between the Fallen and the Hive.
    • Deathless (70 Power) - Clear out the Knight that's keeping Sloane's crews from their work.
    • Siren Song (70 Power) - Disrupt a Hive Ritual to keep the Rig from sinking.


  • Hallows
    • Hack the Planet (90 Power) - Ghost has a plan to interface with the Nessus core. But he'll need Failsafe's help.
  • Artifact's Edge
    • Deep Conversation (90 Power) - Failsafe has a plan to retrieve Vex data. But she'll need Ghost's help.
    • Unbreakable (90 Power) - Failsafe has caught wind of Vex tech that could result in unstoppable barriers.
  • The Tangle
    • Lost Crew (90 Power) - Help Failsafe find two long-lost members of her crew.
    • Release (90 Power) - The Vex appear to be capturing the Fallen, and Failsafe wants it stopped.


  • Lost Oasis
    • Cliffhanger (130 Power) - Asher has information about the Vex's next conversion site, and he wants it stopped.
    • Postmodern Prometheus (130 Power) - Ikora is reluctantly allowing Asher to explore a plan where he'd convert the Traveler's energy into a form of synthetic Light.
    • Unexpected Guests (120 Power) - Ikora's worried about some Taken emanations from beneath the moon's surface.
  • Giant's Scar
    • Road Rage (120 Power) - Asher's worked up about Vex interest in the Io Vault. He's got an unusual suggestion for how to deal with the problem.
  • The Rupture
    • Arecibo (220 Power) - Investigate a mysterious broadcast that only you and your Ghost can hear.


  • Infinite Forest
    • Endless Branches (280 Power) - Look into the differences of the various timelines generated by the Vex's Reality Engine.
    • The Up and Up - The Vex are simulating the Fallen's battle tactics. Breach into their simulations and eliminate the targets.
    • The Runner - The Vex has simulated a Cabal unit carrying important data within the forest. Track him down and defeat him.
    • Vex Milk (280 Power) - Ikora wants you to try and investigate the origins of the Vex by collecting special samples of their radiolarian fluid and transmitting it to Brother Vance.


Tangled Shore[edit]

Dreaming City[edit]

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