Target: The Mad Bomber

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This article is about the Baron Hunt Adventure. For the Baron, see Kaniks, the Mad Bomber.
Target: The Mad Bomber
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Destiny 2


1 - 3


Tangled Shore, The Reef


Stop the Mad Bomber, one of the Scorn's eight Barons.

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Target: The Mad Bomber is a Baron Hunt Adventure located in the Tangled Shore within The Reef. The Guardian needs to hunt down Kaniks, the Mad Bomber, a ruthless and insane Scorn Baron with a liking for explosives.


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Kaniks: Ooh, what luck! What fortune! A playmate appear! Hello! Hello! Hello!

Kaniks: To begin-a gift! A gift just at you, from ME, good friend Kaniks!

Kaniks: BEST friend Kaniks. Go, go, go! Open gift!

The Guardian approaches the area, only for a splinter mine to appear and lots of scorn spawn in.

Kaniks: Sur-PRISSE! Gift... is DEATH!!

The Guardian defuses the splinter mine.

Kaniks: Ah-ah-ah! Game go on! Close your eye and COUNT DOWN.

Lots of splinter mines spawn in. The Guardian disarms them all.

Kaniks: Where am I hide? Ugly, stupid cabal can knowing-but not you. YEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!

The Guardian notices several Threshers flying over them.

Ghost: Red legion ships overhead. Must be the Cabal the bomber mentioned. Let's follow them.

The Guardian makes their way to the High Plains where they notice many Scorn and Cabal fighting each other. They defeat three Scorn chieftains.

Kaniks: Lightbearer, lightbearer I see you yessss I doooo...

The Guardian spots several Raiders who turn into smoke and dash down a cave. The Guardian follows them and meets Kaniks. He disappears using a teleporter. They follow him and soon arrive in a large cavern. Kaniks reappears.

Kaniks: Ooh, WHEE! Now a game truly begin!

Kaniks: Friend Cayde? No fun to play with, no fun at all. Such a boring boy to kill-kill-KILL

Kaniks: Cayde beg and beg and beg. HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!! "Mercy, please, Prince Uldren ! Oh pretty, pretty please, oh please!" ...SAD

Kaniks: Cayde MURDER Eliksni. Think you DIFFERENT, think you HERO? Joke at you.

The Guardian kills Kaniks.

Ghost: We've got to get out of here. This whole place is rigged to blow.

The Guardian dashes through Diaviks Mine. They soon discover one last splinter mine. They defuse it.

Ghost: No matter what the bomber said, you're not a murderer. Guardians are defenders of the Light. We just have to remember... we're doing this for Cayde.


Cabal - Red Legion


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