Target: The Mindbender

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This article is about the Baron Hunt Adventure. For the Baron, see Mindbender.
Target: The Mindbender
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Destiny 2


1 - 3


Tangled Shore, The Reef
Ascendant Plane, Ascendant Realm


Stop the Mindbender, one of the Scorn's eight Barons.

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Target: The Mindbender is a Baron Hunt Adventure located in the Tangled Shore within The Reef. The Guardian needs to hunt down Hiraks, the Mindbender, a Boomer-wielding Scorn Baron that has the ability to summon Hive onto the battlefield.



Ghost: This is a synaptic amplifier - a mind-control device specifically calibrated to interface with the Hive. We're on the trail of the Baron called the Mindbender.

Ghost: I've traced the original signal to a nearby cave. Let's check it out.

The Guardian investigates the cave and discovers an amplifier with some Hive. They destroy the Hive and the device.

Ghost: Another amplifier.

Ghost scans the broken amplifier.

Ghost: I need a minute to triangulate the signal's origin.

Waves of Minbent hive spawn in and attack. They are defeated.

Ghost: Got the coordinates. The signal's coming from that crashed tombship.

The Guardian finds another amplifier near the tombship. Ghost scans it.

Ghost: This one has a safeguard. I'll need a minute to disable it.

Waves of Scorn attempt to retake the amplifier. They are defeated.

Ghost: That's the last amplifier. The signal we're tracking now is from the source. The Mindbender.

The Guardian soon enters the tombship.

Ghost: This guy's file says he's obsessed with creating his own throne world, like Crota and Oryx had. The Mindbender thinks he can create it by killing powerful beings. But that should only work for the Hive.

The Guardian encounters the Mindbender and some Hive. They defeat the Hive and the Mindbender flees into a portal.

Ghost: Stay on him!

The Guardian enters the portal.

Ghost: How did the Mindbender get a throne-world this big? Oh. Cayde.

The Guardian defeats Hiraks.

Ghost: We've got to go; this place is destabilizing.

The Guardian exits.

Ghost: I want to think Cayde can rest easy now that the throne-world built from his death has been destroyed.


Hive - Mindbent Hive



  • There is a secret chest which is available when playing this mission. After defeating the boss, instead of going through the portal, you will notice a trail of platforms leading up to a star-like item just above the portal. Jump all the way up there and pick up the relic. Take it through the portal. Your tracker will direct you to a door with hive runes all over it. Unlock the door using the relic and collect the chest inside. You will be rewarded with an emblem and a triumph, "Hiving in plain sight"

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