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Patrollers are a group of experienced users who are given access to extra tools on Destinypedia. A list of current Patrollers can be found here.

Introduction to Patrollers

Patrollers are regular users who are given access to a few extra tools to help with the managing of the site and combating of vandalism.

  • Marking page revisions or user edits as "patrolled" to help with the reverting of poor or bad-faith edits.
  • Deleting and undeleting pages and uploaded images.
  • Protecting a page so it can not be edited or moved by anonymous users (autoconfirmed protection) or non-admins (full/sysop protection).
  • Quick reversion ("rollback") of undesirable edits.

How do I become a patroller?

Main article: Destinypedia talk:Patrollers#Requests

Patrollers are usually selected on an as-needed basis only. Because the main purpose of the patroller program is to mark good-quality page revisions for the aid of preserving article quality, users with good-quality edits and regular activity under their name are usually seen as potential candidates to join the program.

Users who want to become patrollers have the ability to submit a request for patroller rights on the talk page. Admins may also nominate users to join the patroller group. The following requirements have been set forth for those requesting patroller Status:

  • Users must have at least 1,200 edits or sysop status on another wiki (please link to the wiki).
  • A member of Destinypedia for at least four months.
  • No history of vandalism, abuse of Destinypedia, or compromised accounts for the user in question.
  • No history of blocking on the basis of harassment or personal attacks.

All requests will be reviewed by the administration, who will decide whether or not to approve or deny the request. There is no limit to the amount of times a user may apply for patroller rights. However, users must wait at least one month to submit a new request after any unsuccessful requests.

Retired/inactive admins

Main article: Destinypedia:Administrators#Inactivity and resignation procedures

Administrators who have resigned their status or are inactive are automatically granted patroller status unless otherwise noted.

Meet the Patrollers!

1 - Is currently inactive.