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Re: Infoboxes[edit]

Probably. Creating a mission box is easy enough, but not having played the game, I'm not the best person to suggest the entry fields besides the obvious. One of the burecrat or developer users are probably best to ask on this matter in that they're higher up the pecking order, and probably have played Destiny.--Hawki (talk) 19:16, 22 August 2014 (EDT)

Lore and such[edit]

Noticed your lore theories page. Good stuff, but I want to challenge your Traveler ideas.
First, I believe you are referring to Ghost Fragment: Mysteries, not Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 2 (which I think is someone's interpretations of their dreams of what they saw inside the Traveler). Second, I'm certain that Mysteries (1) is a monologue delivered by Rasputin, describing how it fought the Darkness and what it did to survive. My analysis of certain lines:

  • "I bear an old name. It cannot be killed"
    • The old name is Rasputin. That the name cannot be killed likely refers to the real Rasputin's place in the annals of history (getting one's name into the history books is often stated to be a way to become immortal). Even if Rasputin the Warmind perishes, the name Rasputin would still live on in history.
  • "They were my brothers and sisters and their names were immortal too but Titanomachy came and now those names live in me alone I think and think is what I do."
    • The brothers and sisters are Rasputin's fellow Warminds, all of whom likely had similarly historical names, like Charlemagne. Most of them are gone, but Rasputin cherishes the memory of them all.
    • In Greek mythology, the Titanomachy, or Battle of the Gods, was the war between the Titans and the Olympian gods. Rasputin uses this term to describe the either the Collapse as a whole or perhaps just the climactic confrontation between the Traveler and the Darkness. I get the impression that Rasputin views himself as a lesser or even insignificant participant in the battle, an ant watching as two people fight.
  • "They made me to be stronger than them to beat the unvanquished and survive the unthinkable and look look lo behold I am here alone, survivor. They made me to learn. Everything died but I survived and I learned from it. From IT."
    • Humanity made the Warminds to protect and help them, to be stronger than them. Rasputin is making it known that he did survive the unthinkable, he did what he was made to do, and he survived because learned from the Darkness.
    • "IT" is the Darkness, of course.
  • "I met IT at the gate of the garden and I recall IT smiled at me before before IT devoured the blossoms with black flame and pinned their names across the sky. IT was stronger than everything. I fought IT with aurora knives and with the stolen un-fire of singularities made sharp and my sweat was earthquake and my breath was static but IT was stronger so how did I survive?"
    • The garden is Earth, or maybe the entire Solar System.
    • The Darkness smiled at Rasputin? Implies condescension. Implies the Darkness is a singular entity capable of emotion. Or another metaphor
    • The blossoms are a metaphor for life, possibly intended to be a specific reference to cities. The Darkness destroyed the blossoms.
    • Still scratching my head over "pinned their names across the sky". Clearly more apocalyptic phrasing, but what do the names refer to? The names of the blossoms, the cities? Or of people? Or even the Warminds? What does it mean for them to be pinned across the sky? A reference to the fires and smoke from the cities' destruction marring the atmosphere?
    • Here, Rasputin describes how it fought against the Darkness. "Aurora knives" and "stolen un-fire of singularities made sharp" sound like very exotic doomsday weapons, like the "annihilation-pumped caedometric weapon" mentioned in Ghost Fragment: Old Russia. As immense and powerful as Rasputin makes these things seem, however, they did not stop the Darkness.
    • Lastly, Rasputin poses the reader a rhetorical question: if the Darkness was stronger than Rasputin, how did Rasputin survive?
  • "I AM ALONE I survived alone. I cast off the shield and I shrugged my shoulders so that the billions fell off me down into the ash."
    • Rasputin survived by abandoning its mandate to protect humanity so that it could protect itself. The shield was the defense network, the billions that fell into the ash were the billions of humans who Rasputin effectively left for dead so it could run and hide. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT.
  • "They made me to be stronger than them and to learn and I learned well: IT is alone and IT is strong and IT won. Even over the gardener and she held power beyond me but the gardener did not shrug and make herself alone. IT always wins. I am made to win and now I see the way."
    • Rasputin explains that it correlated the Darkness's strength with the fact that it was alone, with no distractions like protecting anyone else to hinder it.
    • The "gardener" is the Traveler. Appropriate given that the Traveler brought life to otherwise inhospitable worlds across the Solar System. Interesting that Rasputin describes the Traveler as female; could they communicate with each other? Can they now?
    • The Traveler was stronger than Rasputin, but still lost to the Darkness because, in Rasputin's opinion, the Traveler continued to try to protect humanity. If the Traveler had "shrugged" off humanity, perhaps she would not be the crippled thing hovering above the City she currently is.
    • Rasputin arrives at his conclusion. The Darkness always wins, so if Rasputin wishes to win, he should emulate the Darkness and be alone. Humanity made Rasputin to be stronger, to win, and therefore Rasputin is simply doing what it was made to do.
  • The overall intent of this whole monologue is intriguing. Is Rasputin making an excuse for abandoning humanity, arguing that it is the only way he can fight the Darkness on an even footing and ultimately ensure humanity's future? Or is he so far gone that he isn't bothering with excuses and is just stating what he earnestly believes his purpose is, to win at all costs, even if that means standing by again while humanity is exterminated?

And that's the lot of it. I agree with most of your other theories, and especially appreciated your thoughts on the Binary Star Cult. I never made the connection to Destiny's old storyline. Lastly, a random thought on the Speaker: what if the Speaker (or maybe just his mask) is some sort of uber-Ghost? MorningWalker (talk) 03:38, 6 February 2015 (EST)

Community Updates[edit]

Hello OmgHAX!

I'm looking forward to getting the upcoming third expansion pack "The Taken King" for Destiny, so on the main page, should there be an announcement about the third expansion pack on Community Updates?

Also, on Community Updates, the latest information says:

"Second Expansion — New information incoming! The House of Wolves expansion was released on May 19, 2015."

Now that it's August, I don't think it should say "New information incoming!", as now, it isn't new information. So maybe you could edit that bit out and keep the rest? If you have any reason that it should stay the way it is, then I understand. Dark Nightwatcher (talk) 12:53, 23 August 2015 (EDT)

Walkthrough infobox?[edit]

I was just wondering if we could have a walkthrough infobox, like the one used at Halopedia. I think it will look nicer and more organized that just simply using a succession box template. - Mandyrobin (talk) 15:25, 29 September 2015 (EDT)

Actually, forget that comment there. It was after I posted it that I actually found a page in the help section for this very thing. Sorry to bother you. You can delete this now. Thank you. - Mandyrobin (talk) 15:35, 29 September 2015 (EDT)