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"The others sing this song of Light and Dark. We, together, have transcended such unimaginative limitations."
—Grimoire card blurb

Focal World:

The Reef


Pale blue skin
Glowing eyes

Average lifespan:

Long-lived[citation needed]

Notable groups:

Queen's Guard
Techeun Coven

Notable individuals:

Mara Sov
Uldren Sov
Petra Venj
Commander Zavala
Tyra Karn


The Awoken are a race of humanoids living in the City[1] and the Reef. Ruled by a Queen and her brother, they are generally isolated from Earth until the Wolf rebellion and later the Taken War.[citation needed]


Awoken are standoffish[2] and resemble baseline humans, with the notable exception of having pale blue or gray skin. They also have luminescent eyes with glowing irises.[3]

It is said the Awoken were born in the Collapse, descended from those humans who tried to flee its wrath. Something happened to them out on the edge of the deep Black, and they were forever changed. Today many Awoken live in the Reef, aloof and mysterious, but others returned to Earth, where their descendants now fight for the City. Earthborn Awoken sometimes venture out to the Reef, hoping to learn its secrets—but find no special welcome from the reclusive Queen.[4]

Beyond physical appearances, the Awoken seem to possess powers and abilities beyond their human ancestors. The Techeuns are a particularly notable example, though ordinary Awoken can also experience visions in the form of dreams.[5]


Reef Wars[edit]

Main article: Reef Wars

The Reef Wars mark the first time the Awoken emerged from their isolation. Noticing the Fallen massing to destroy the Last City in an effort to steal back the Great Machine, the Queen chose to intervene and keep the oblivious outsystem House of Wolves from joining their brethren on Earth.[citation needed]

Striking suddenly, the Awoken fleet destroyed Ceres and scattered the Wolves across the Reef, beginning a several-year-long campaign that whittled the Fallen's numbers and nobility to insignificance. After Variks, a Wolf scribe, defected over to the Queen's side, the remaining Wolves were defeated and Skolas their leader imprisoned.[citation needed]

The Queen later gifted Skolas to her allies, the Nine, for their role in defeating the Fallen but they released the Wolf Kell, beginning the Wolf Rebellion and forced the Reef to open itself to Guardian access.[citation needed]

The Taken War[edit]

Main article: The Taken War

The Awoken were among the first to respond to Oryx's invasion. Attacking his fleet out around Saturn, the Queen and her Witches sacrificed themselves to fire the Harbingers, mysterious weapons or entities of incredible power, at the Hive Dreadnaught. Despite destroying a good portion of Oryx's fleet there were no marks made upon the flagship, and shortly thereafter Oryx ended the battle with a single blow from his cannon.[citation needed]

Despite a significant loss of Reef leadership, including the Queen and a missing Prince, the Reef aided the City and its Guardians in destroying Oryx's Taken. Setting bounties upon several lieutenants the Reef oversaw their extermination and eventual rooting out of the Taken Blights in conjunction with the Vanguard. During this conflict Petra Venj, Acting Regent-Commander, continued to search for the missing Queen and preventing a resurging House of Wolves from regrouping on Mars. With the aid of Variks and the Guardians the nascent Wolf house was scattered again.[citation needed]


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Known Awoken[edit]


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Joe Staten and Christopher Barrett described the Awoken as being beautiful, exotic, and mysterious. They mentioned the team looked at elves, vampires, ghosts, and angels to "capture that exotic, sort of ethereal feel".[6] They have been described as being of "otherworldly origins."[7]


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