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Nguya Pin
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"I went along with it for the sake of the monarchy, Mara, not because I'm a fool. I don't know what you want or why you're so bent on keeping the Awoken uneasy and dissatisfied. I don't know how you manipulate the acclamations. But when I abdicate, I am going to find Alis Li, wherever she's gone, and ask her all my questions about you. I'm very interested to know the answers."
— Queen Nguya Pin

Nguya Pin is a former Queen of the Awoken in the Distributary and a prominent Eccaleist.


After Queen Alis Li stepped down following the conclusion of the Theodicy War, the power of the Queen declined as the Gensym Scribes gained power within the Awoken court. By the time Nguya Pin became Queen, her role mostly involved matters of spirituality and the arts. Mara Sov arrived at her court one year on the summer solstice and convinced her to become an Eccaleist, and Pin subsequently announced that as Queen she would lead the Awoken in seeking a way to pay the debt they owed to the cosmos for their existence and explore the space around Distributary. Wresting power from the Gensym Scribes under Mara's secret guidance, Pin turned her court into a center of intellectual and technological innovation dedicated to the Eccaleist's goals with the aid of the weakened Scribes.[1]

As Pin's reign continued, she was informed by Esila that Sjur Eido, a former Paladin of Queen Alis Li and a hero of the Theodicy War, had arrived in the court unannounced. Pin was intrigued by Sjur's presence and sought to find a way to honor the famous visitor, but was also concerned and insulted Sjur had not announced herself to the Queen, unaware of the fact that Sjur had come to court with the secret backing of the Gensym Scribes to kill Mara to avenge the Diasyrm, whom she believed had been murdered by Mara. However, the Scribes grew afraid of their agent killing an honored guest and advisor of the Queen and made preparations to flee, which were noticed by many of the investors in the space project. As the investors withdrew their support due to the simmering turmoil within the Awoken court, Pin angrily denounced the Gensym Scribes for seemingly sabotaging the program, which inflamed tensions between the Eccaleists and the Sanguine, who opposed the project and believed the Awoken had no greater purpose outside of Distributary.[2]

The political turmoil resolved itself when Sjur unexpectedly made a public declaration of loyalty to Mara, which turned Pin's secret advisor into the public face of Eccaleism and providing the monarchy with all the support it needed to continue the space program while forcing the remaining Gensym Scribes in power to support it as well, lest they be blackmailed with asking Sjur to kill Mara. Years later, Pin watched alongside Mara as a rocket launched with a observatory satellite designed to find a path back to the Sol System. As it broke the atmosphere, Pin stood form her portable throne and declared her work done and that she could no longer work with Mara. As her advisor smiled at her and asked if a Queen's work was ever truly done, Pin angrily told her not to insult her and stated that she had known all along Mara was manipulating events at the court to keep the Awoken in turmoil and unsatisfied to weaken the power of the Gensym Scribes and advance her own interests, not Pin's. Although unsure of Mara's ultimate plan, Pin knew she had been her puppet to restore some of the monarchy's power and declared that once her abdication was finished she intended to find Alis Li and question her about all she knew of Mara's true plans. Mara said nothing to that besides commenting that Pin had been an excellent Queen whom could not be replaced, although she was succeeded by Devna Tel, who was handchosen by Mara as another counter to the power of the Gensym Scribes.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Pin was quite tall, being two-heads taller than Mara Sov. She was also very politically astute, being aware of Mara's secret manipulations of the Awoken court and hiding that knowledge from her supposed advisor, although she admitted to being unable to figure out the true motives behind Mara's plans.[3]

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