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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"Let me tell you of your cosmos. We live in a spatially infinite, isotropic universe 12.1 billion years old. Its metallicity is ideal for life and for the spread of technological civilizations. In time, the distance between all points in the universe will contract to zero, and the cosmos will collapse into a singularity, to be reborn in fire. There will be no end to eternity here."
— Mara Sov - Addressing the Awoken peoples.

The Distributary is the home universe of the Awoken race. It was formed when the Exodus Green was enveloped by The Darkness at the exact moment the Traveler released its Light. This resulted in a singularity containing a pocket universe.


In the Distributary's universe, time flows differently, and Awoken society has had thousands upon thousands of years to flourish and build. The centuries in which Humanity suffered the Dark Age saw the exponential growth and abundance of the Awoken in their pocket universe. Only near the end of the Dark Ages were the Awoken able to detect and confirm that they were inside a singularity - identifying this information from bits and pieces of radio transmissions that the singularity ensnared from the solar system.

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