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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Grimoire Human.jpg




Revive the Traveler
Reclaim the Solar System
Rebuild civilization

At war with:


Average height:

69.4 in/63.8 in (avg)

Average weight:

194.7 lbs/164.7 lbs (avg)



Average lifespan:

237 years (during the Golden Age) (avg.) [1]

Notable groups:

Clovis Bray
Iron Lords
Ishtar Collective

Notable individuals:

Jacob Hardy
Maya Sundaresh
Suraya Hawthorne
Devrim Kay
Lord Saladin

Other Names:

Homo Sapiens

"This was our world, our solar system. We were here first. And no matter what the darkness brings, we will be here at the dawn."
—Card blurb[2]

Humans (Latin: Homo sapiens, meaning "wise man") are a sapient species native to the planet Earth.[3]


Humans are fairly tough, smart and resilient descendants from those who built a Golden Age. After an age of retreat and desperate struggle, they fight alongside their Guardians to take back the solar system and claim a new future. They maintain a no-nonsense approach and a stern outlook with a view to rebuild their civilization as quickly as possible.[4]


During the 21st century [5], humanity detected a mysterious artifact[6] performing inscrutable activities on Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.[7] As it arrived at Mars, humanity launched the Ares One mission to make contact. [8] In the years since, the Traveler, rain washed over Mars and fresh air cleansed the skies over Venus. Soon after, humanity raced into the black, and colonized these newly remade worlds. Beginning a time of miracles known as the Golden Age.

But the Golden Age would not last. The Golden Age came to an end with the arrival of the Darkness,[9] which attacked humanity, forcing it to retreat back to planet Earth where the Traveler sacrificed itself to push back the Darkness. The survivors of the Collapse banded together and built a Last City beneath where the Traveler's broken shell rested over the planet.

In the years after the Collapse, came a time of vast suffering and terrible evil, but out of it, the Awoken emerged, and the Exo appeared from the ruins with their memories broken. [10] Many survivors formed colonies in the wilderness in a desperate attempt to survive, but alien hordes or infighting caused them to fall. Humanity was on the fringe of extinction.[11] As the Ghosts began their search, the earliest Guardians chose not to protect the world, but subjugate it, until eventually Guardians with integrity chose to stand up to their warlord brethren in the form of the Iron Lords.[12] As time went on, more and more noble Guardians joined the cause until an an army hundreds strong was formed and the oppressive warlords were deposed.[12] Thus, in the shadow of the Traveler, a city began to grow.[13]


Known Humans[edit]


During the Golden Age, humanity's technological achievements had been high. Interplanetary travel was used frequently and new technologies helped build an empire across the entire Solar System.

Approximately seven hundred years[14] after the Traveler's arrival, humanity appears to have reclaimed some, if not the entirety of, their former technological prowess, albeit at a smaller scale.


Note: Given that the majority of weapons in the game are significant, only weapons from the Golden Age have been included to lessen down the list.

Other technologies[edit]


While most Humans live in the Last City, others live away from the Traveler, some by choice.


List of appearances[edit]


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