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Render of a Red Legion Psion with a Cabal Headhunter. By Chelsea Velazquez.


Psion homeworld [citation needed]

Focal world(s):

Phobos (formerly)
The Pale Heart


Serve the Cabal empire
Psionic Operations
Build the OXA Machine

At war with:

The City
The Reef


Single eye

Notable individuals:

Freeborn Otzot
Kolar, Psion Flayer
Numoc, Psion Flayer
Vatch, Psion Flayer
Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Kargen, the Technocrat
Ozletc, the Sky Piercer
Tazaroc, the Sun Eater
Niruul, the Hollow Voice
Inotam, Oblivion's Triune



Blind Legion
Dust Giants
Sand Eaters
Siege Dancers
Broken Legion


Support Infantry

Combat information


SolarS.png Slug Rifle


ArcS.png Psion Melee
ArcS.png Psionic Blast
VoidS.png Absorption Shield (Epic)

Destiny 2


Red Legion
Cabal Deserters
Imperial Cabal
Shadow Legion
The Dread


Support Infantry

Combat information


SolarS.png Slug Rifle (common)
SolarS.png Cabal Headhunter (common)
ArcS.png Cabal Slug Shotgun (rare)


Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
VoidS.png Psion Melee
VoidS.png Nova Rupture
SolarS.png Absorption Shield (Nightmare Hunt)

There is no higher warfare than deception.[1]

Psions are a race of psychically-empowered beings who were conquered and enslaved by the Cabal[2] in the hopes of weaponizing their abilities. They now primarily serve as engineers, pilots and fire support within the Cabal military.


"Psions fly many colors, but within the Cabal, we exist in congress, moving toward our own future."

Ancient Psions practiced a form of ancestor worship, communing with the divine spirits of the dead through a Y-goblet that "cupped their spirits" and poured out their souls into new Psions. Worship involved daily rituals in which the Y-goblet was filled with offerings for ancestors, such as water to wash out their eyes,[4] salt to roughen their skin,[5] or linen to bind their wounds.[6] Other practices included physically drawing the Y-goblet on a nearby surface. Adherents believed that every other person, or at least Psions, had a spark of the divine within them, physically evident in their Y-shaped pupils.[7]

In prehistory, long before the Psion species joined the Cabal, a group of exceptionally powerful Psions known as the God-Thoughts dominated the species with their psychic abilities. They destroyed the Y-goblet faith for seeing divinity in every common person. Its suppression was so brutal that while the faith survived to the present, its practitioners still feared discovery and worshiped only in secret.[8]

At some point in their history, Psions worshipped the being known as Nezarec as a deity. This tradition has continued among at least some Psions until relatively recently; the Psion Acasia, who came to the Sol System at some point post-Collapse and joined the Acolytes of Nezarec, lost her partner when he was abducted by a group of Psions to be tortured as a sacrifice to Nezarec.

Servitude to the Cabal[edit]

The Psions were assimilated into the Cabal empire either before or during Calus's reign. They were largely enslaved under indenture, but some were allowed to remain free.

The legendary, clairvoyant OXA Machine has been built, lost, and rebuilt many times in Psion history, passing down from civilization to civilization over the ages.[9] Its most recent iteration was destroyed by the Cabal, but rebuilt centuries later on Brand by Freeborn Otzot, a particularly brilliant Psion. When Umun'arath moved to destroy this newest version of the machine, Emperor Calus stopped her in recognition of Otzot's genius, and welcomed the freeborn Psion into his court as his Imperial Dreamer.

Late into Calus's reign, he attempted to grant freedom to all indentured Psions, but was overthrown before this could happen. Ironically, Otzot was one of the conspirators against him.

However, thousands of years later, Calus' daughter, Caiatl freed all Psions from servitude and made them full citizens of the Cabal Empire after the Hive war god Xivu Arath captured Torobatl. Caiatl offered to allow any Psions who no longer wished to serve the Empire the freedom to leave with supplies,[10] but many Psions found new loyalty and belief in the Empire thanks to Caiatl's reforms and elected to remain.[11] Not all Psions swore loyalty to Caiatl, however, as a conclave of conspirators working to avenge Amtec began to masquerade and conspire to assassinate Guardians using Light-draining technology based on the Traveler Cage.[12]. This would reach a head when, at the signing of the armistice after the Clash of the Chosen, Psions used this technology to disable Commmander Zavala's Ghost, and almost had him killed. Though one of the conspirators was caught and executed, the mastermind behind the operation remained at large.

Later on, while the Imperial Cabal was busy dealing with the threat of the Lucent Brood, a group of defectors gained the backing of the former Emperor Calus, and began broadcasting messages inciting rebellion against Caiatl's regime. The Empress requested their Vanguard allies lead an operation to silence this transmission, originating from a base on Mars. A Guardian fireteam stormed the base and killed the field leader, Qabix, Insurgent, silencing the transmission, but this did little to deter the defectors, and they soon refurbished the base. Over several weeks, the Vanguard continued attacking the base, uncovering more of the transmission, and ultimately discovering its creator, the rebel Yirix, who previously tried to assassinate Commander Zavala, now seemingly allied with the Black Fleet.


Psions are bipedal humanoid beings, typically shorter than humans. They have hairless, veined heads, with a single eye surrounded by black trident-shaped creases. These eyes can be either blue or orange, and have distinctive Y-shaped pupils. Their eyes turn opaque grey once they die, with the pupil disappearing. Their faces have a series of holes above their mouths, possibly spiracles for breathing. Psions serving in the Red Legion have the tops of their heads exposed, even in harsh environments such as Mars, Io, and Nessus without any visible damage. They have five fingers on each hand, though often their armor groups their middle and ring fingers into one. On occasions, Psions can be found with Symbiotes on mars that Guardians collect for Analysis.[13]

Normally, they are significantly smaller than their Cabal superiors; however, some high-ranking Psions, like Kargen, the Technocrat, Inotam, Oblivion's Triune and Sizmic, the Net-Desecrator, are far larger than the average Psion and tower over their Cabal compatriots. In the case of Inotam, this is a product of psychic joining between multiple Psions, who are individually normally-sized.[14].


Psions are skilled marksmen, as they can use their telekinetic abilities to slow their own breathing and steady their aim.[15] It is very common to see Psions providing long-range fire support for other Cabal units. Psions have been described as providing post-op analysis and other intelligence-work for Cabal forces in Sol, and have observed the phenomenon of Darkness Zones (areas in which the ability of Guardians to reanimate is suppressed)[16]. Psions can use their powers to manipulate and communicate with machines, and even breach extra-dimensional portals.[17][18] They even managed to spy on Crucible matches such as at Firebase Thuria, which oddly enough, bemused them at the Guardians complaining.[19]

Psions are telepathic and have limited clairvoyance. They employ this for mundane purposes, such as to converse among each other, or more offensive capabilities like stealing secrets from the minds of others[3]. Psions often connect in "metaconcerts", groups of synchronized minds where multiple individual combine their thoughts and intentions. This is a powerful ability, allowing large enough metaconcerts to even detect ships hidden by conventional sensors through the emotions of their crew[6]. Metaconcerts can be opened to non-Psions, such as the Loyalists' one, of which Emperor Calus was also part. This telepathy may not be wholly consensual, and their higher level thoughts are broadcast to some degree. Psions are also capable of a permanent form of metaconcert called "joining", in which they fuse their bodies and minds into a larger, more powerful Psion. This process is only known through "ancient texts of the mind" and the sole example of it in recent history is the fusion of three Psion Flayer sisters into Inotam, Oblivion's Triune. The Psions are intelligent enough to understand the effects of Anthem Anatheme.

The regular Psions in the Scout Legions have psychokinetic blasts that are Arc-based, which disorient the victims, while their equals in the Red Legion, Shadow Legion, and Loyalists have Void-based blasts and attacks[20]. However, exceptional individuals such as Psion Flayers have been seen employing other, more complex and powerful attacks that use all three elements.


"Do you want to hear a joke? No, I already know I'll laugh. That is a Psion joke."
Match, Councilor to Emperor Calus

Psions seem to have a deep reverence for the lives of those around them, as their clairvoyance allows them to sense them in intense and mysterious ways. They feel the imprints of those around them, noting the powerful gleaming aura of Calus to be so blinding that they cannot see past it. They are unnerved by the Hive, because they appear to have empty minds besides their hate and need to survive[5]. It is likely that Psions are naturally very social, as their telepathy gives them insight into the thoughts of those around them. A reoccurring idea is that they have no sense of humor, because humor comes from the unexpected, and they are considered clairvoyant[7].

Within the Cabal Empire, Psions are second-class citizens at best and slaves at worst. They serve the Cabal as laborers, engineers, and mechanics. Psions have worked as pilots as well in their time of service[21]. Their integral part in the Cabal military is seen through the extent at which they rely on the Psions. Maintenance passages in most of their ships and structures are often too small for Cabal to move through comfortably, and Interceptors are designed for use by Psions exclusively. Particularly talented Psions become Flayer Aspirants and are trained to evolve into Psion Flayers, masters of their incredible power and intellect. The full extent of their abilities is unknown, but they are thought to have been able to alter the orbit of Phobos and possibly break entire worlds.[22] It can be inferred from the adventure Psionic Potential that an indulgence of sheer knowledge from even complex machinery can be enough to evolve Psions to the first stages of Flayers.[23]

Certain Psions are not born into slavery and are regarded with the title of 'Freeborn'. They are exceptionally rare in Cabal society and are of vastly superior social standing to others of their race, potentially being considered equal to other Cabal. or perhaps before, as there have been multiple instances of Psions leading significant detachments of Cabal. Amongst the Imperial Cabal, Psions have even been known to hold the dedicated rank of Optus, placing them within the meritocratic command hierarchy alongside full serving Cabal soldiers.


Psion technology is deeply psychic in nature, and they are employed by the Cabal in the development of many pieces of equipment to deal with Paracausal entities. Most of the Light-Suppressing technology was developed under Psion direction, and is among the most powerful in their arsenal. Psions pursue the legendary OXA Machine, a clairvoyant device that was built and destroyed many times over the course of their history.



Psions are basic Cabal units, and the ones with the lowest health. Compared to similar troops in other races, like Dregs, Psions are not used as cannon fodder, but as support and infiltrator units. While the main Cabal units like Legionaries and Phalanxes engage the enemy head on, Psions will hide and flank the opponents, in order to catch them off guard with their powerful psychic abilities. Psions are be able to send forth a damaging wave of psionic energy that travels across the ground, as well as a point-blank psionic attack at melee range. These attacks deal Arc (or electrical) damage, signifying their power over mind and (potentially) machine, and are the Cabal forces' only source of Arc damage. Certain Psions are known to channel Void and Solar power, though this is restricted to certain enemies such as Flayers. Psions become much more dangerous during Nightfall Strikes, as they acquire a Void shield.

Destiny 2[edit]

The Psions now utilize Void-based abilities. These Psions have a different version of their old wave attack, now called Psionic Blast, which explodes and launches enemies into the air, dealing Void damage[24]. Their melee attacks have also changed to deal Void damage. They are now equipped with jetpacks, which they can use to maneuver and travel at high speeds. Though most still use Slug Rifles, a number of them are employed as snipers, armed with Cabal Headhunters. Elites can be found with Cabal Slug Shotguns and very rarely Cabal Bronto Cannons. Interceptor Pilot Psions are also introduced as drivers for Interceptors. Psions in this game have the upper parts of their heads exposed.Certain Psion units float in mid-air and are surrounded by a shield that blocks all projectiles, and can only be killed by melee attacks.

Very large Psion Flayers, like Inotam, Oblivion's Triune, are also encountered as Ultra enemies, wielding heavy weapons like Projection Rifles, Cabal Slug Launchers, etc., and utilizing varied and powerful Solar, Arc and Void abilities.

Known Psions[edit]



Lesser Flayers


Other Psions[edit]

Nightmare Psions[edit]

Proxy Psions[edit]


Notable Variations
Common Variants
Specific variants


  • The Psion Councilor is the only one of its species to have its face fully revealed.


List of appearances[edit]


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