The Insight Terminus

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Will of the Thousands



The Insight Terminus






Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Uncover the Insight Terminus and neutralize Kargen, the Technocrat

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Break to the ancient Vex installation.

The Insight Terminus is a Strike that was released under the Warmind expansion. It was a PS4-exclusive strike until the release of Forsaken. Guardians must travel deep into the Vex machine world of Nessus to intercept a Cabal expedition led by Kargen, the Technocrat, a powerful Psion Flayer. Kargen is attempting to utilize a Vex replica of the OXA Machine and must be stopped by the guardians.


Zavala: Guardian, we've received limited intel regarding a Vex information depot. I want you to get in there and figure out what they know.

Failsafe: Greetings, Captain! Commander Zavala has requested that I run tactical on this mission. Please allow me to help you with your invasion of the Insight Terminus.

Ghost: Hello, Failsafe. You're familiar with this place?

Failsafe: Oh yes, quite! The Vex were very active there when the Exodus Black first arrived on Nessus. The Vex that murdered my crew came from there.

Ghost: I'm sorry you have to relive those memories.

Failsafe: It's all right. It's only taken me a few centuries to suppress them.


Ghost: Oh, hello, Failsafe. What can you tell us about this Terminus?

Failsafe: I have not detected significant Vex activity in that area since shortly after the Exodus Black arrived.

Ghost: Well, that's good news. Maybe we won't run into much resistance.

Failsafe: Yeah, but since Death kinda follows you around, I wouldn't count on that.

Ghost: Positive as ever, I see.

The Guardians defeat Vex as they attempt to locate the Insight Terminus

Ghost: Red Legion? Great, the Cabal are here.

Failsafe: Correct. I have been monitoring Vex transmissions. The Cabal are invading the installation as well. Gotta love coincidence.


Failsafe: Captain, a word of caution. I have been monitoring Vex transmissions. It appears the Vex are repelling a Cabal incursion at your present location.

Ghost: Any idea what they're doing down here?

Failsafe: The Vex are currently calculating probabilities to that question. Response will be forthcoming! Whatever it is, you just know it's not good.


Ghost: Red Legion? What are the Cabal doing here?

Failsafe: I am monitoring Vex Transmissions. It appears that the Vex are repelling a Cabal incursion at your present location.

Ghost: Yes, but what are they doing here?

Failsafe: The Vex are currently calculating probabilities to that question. Response will be forthcoming!

Valus Pra'urg appears and Guardians force Valus Pra'urg to retreat. The Guardians clear the area of Cabal, defeat Valus Pra'urg, and proceed further into the installation. The Guardians discover Kargen, the Technocrat attempting to access a Vex conflux. Kargen retaliates and teleports away.

Ghost: That guy looked like a commander of some sort.

Failsafe: That's correct, Friendly Ghost! That commander was Kargen, an elite Cabal psion who has caused significant damage to the Vex collective in this timestream.

Ghost: This sounds bad.


Ghost: The psion was wearing commander regalia.

Failsafe: Friendly Ghost, the Vex believe that commander is Kargen, an elite Red Legion psion. And a particularly murderous one at that.

Ghost: We always get the fun ones.

Failsafe: They say "like attracts like," you know.

The Guardians secure a Vex plate

Zavala: Guardian, I'm making the elimination of Kargen your priority on this operation. His crew has been active all over the system. From our intel, he's mostly targeting Vex installations. However, removing him can only strengthen our position. Put him down.

The Guardian enters the Vinculum Cell pursuing Kargen and the Cabal.

Failsafe: I have good news… and bad news.

Ghost: Give us the good news first.

Failsafe: The good news is that Kargen is killing Vex by the dozen.

Ghost: All right. What's the bad news?

Failsafe: Kargen has almost complete control over the Vex gate network. I predict several detachments of Cabal over the next few minutes.

Ghost: Wonderful.


Failsafe: The good news is that you can expect only a few Vex as you approach the entrance to the Terminus.

Ghost: That is good news. What's the bad news?

Failsafe: Courtesy of this Kargen guy, the Vex you do encounter will be headless suicide machines. Have fun.


Failsafe: According to the Vex, Kargen has almost complete control over the local Vex gate network. I predict several detachments of Cabal over the next few minutes.

Ghost: No, I said give us the good news first.

Failsafe: I did.

Wanted: Bracus Ghir appears. The Guardians clear the area of Cabal and defeat Bracus Ghir. The Guardians pursue Kargen accessing another Vex conflux, but Kargen escapes and blocks off his exit.

Ghost: Kargen is getting dangerously skilled at manipulating this Vex architecture. Maybe if we catch him, he can give Cayde a lesson or two.


Ghost: One does have to admire Kargen's command of Vex technology. Maybe if we catch him, he can give Cayde a lesson or two.

Val Ghuusk appears as Cabal enter the area through multiple Vex gates. The Guardians defeat Val Ghuusk and take the Arc charge to the right-most insertion point.

Failsafe: Nice work, Captain, but you're gonna need one more.


Failsafe: Excellent work, Captain. You are at 50 percent completion of this task.


Ghost: All right. We need one more. Keep an eye out for another Cabal drop or Centurion.

Val Urgus appears and more Cabal reinforcements are deployed through the Vex gate network. The Guardians defeat Val Urgus and take the Arc charge to the left-most insertion point unlocking the way.

Failsafe: Here they come again.

Ghost: There's Kargen!

The Guardians witness Kargen unleash five void orbs that destroy multiple Vex Minotaurs and a Vex Hydra.

Ghost: Wow! OK, don't get hit by that.

Failsafe: Intercepted communication from the Vex indicates that Kargen has bypassed their initial security protocols.

Ghost: It looks like Kargen is using that conflux to access the data artifact. Get me over to that Vex plate and I'll try a counter-hack.

The Guardians secure the Vex plate.

Ghost: One down, two to go…


Ghost: I injected some bad variables into his decryption process. That should slow him down.


Ghost: Firewall in place. That should slow him down.

The Guardians secure the plate. Kargen appears and Guardians weaken Kargen until he retreats. Three more Vex plates activate and are secured by the Guardians forcing Kargen to leave the conflux.

Ghost: I'm pretty sure he realizes that we're not going to let him get away with stealing the data while we're here.

Failsafe: You are correct, Friendly Ghost. A massive buildup of energy indicates several Cabal transports are inbound to your position. You asked for it.


Ghost: Second protocol in place, but he's getting faster.


Ghost: This guy is good. But we're better.

The Guardians defeat Kargen.

Ghost: Location secured, Commander Zavala.

Zavala: Good work, Guardian. What intel did you discover?

Ghost: There's an almost unreadable data artifact here, labeled "OXA." It's heavily corrupted, but I'm able to make out "MSund12" from the access log. What is "OXA," and who was "Msund12"?


Ghost: Hmm, there's only one data artifact here, labeled "OXA," and it's seriously corrupted. Metadata says it was last accessed by an "Otzot" centuries ago. What is "OXA," and who is "Otzot"?

Zavala: Those are questions for another day, I suppose. But for now, well done.


Vex - Sol Collective
Cabal - Red Legion
Nightfall Champions




  • There is a glitch where when Kargen is scanning the Vex Conflux, there is a chance where he will not teleport out of the area and start the encounter. Only known way to fix it is to wipe the team.

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