The Insight Terminus

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Insight Terminus
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Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Uncover the Insight Terminus and neutralize Kargen, the Technocrat

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The Insight Terminus is a PS4-exclusive Strike that was released under the Warmind expansion. Guardians must travel deep into the Vex machine under Nessus, and intercept a Cabal expedition on Nessus, led by Kargen, the Technocrat, a powerful Psion Flayer. Kargen is attempting to harness power from a powerful Vex machine, and it is up to the Guardians to stop him.


The strike will start with the player and his/her Fireteam spawning at the Tangle. Follow the sloping path with your Sparrow, until you reach a cave. Dismount and follow the tunnels until you reach a choke point. Beyond, there will be a chamber with several Goblins and Hobgoblins and 2 Quantum Minotaurs. Concentrate on the Minotaurs, and don't step into the chamber until one is gone. If you take too much damage, retreat and let your Fireteam step into the entrance to fire at the Minotaurs. Once both are defeated, follow the tunnel into another chamber. There will be multiple Cabal Centurions, Phalanxes and Legionaires, along with a mini-boss. Slowly push forward into the chamber, and remember to stay behind cover, until the mini-boss is cornered and isolated. If the boss gives your Fireteam too much trouble, use your Super to Kill it to travel deeper into the cave until you reach a narrow stretch. In this narrow section, you will be ambushed by Vex Fanatics, so stay at a distance and aim at the Fanatics in the center.

Afterwards, the player will enter a chamber with a Vex gate. The player must stay in the middle of a Vex plate in order to activate the gate. Multiple Cabal Gladiators and War Beasts will attack throughout the encounter, so this is a good time to use your abilities or grenades. As you pass through the gate, you will appear at an island on a radiolarian lake. You must repel multiple Cabal assaults, while fighting several Major centurions in sections. As soon as you kill the first Centurion, another will spawn and attack. Killing the second will give you an Vex orb. Use the orb to power the Vex gate. If you are having trouble fighting the Centurion or getting the orb in place, focus on the mini-boss with long-range attacks and abilities. As soon as one orb is in, another Centurion will spawn with multiple Phalanxes, Psions and Legionnaires, so apply the same strategy as last time for this. Upon opening the gate, you will be sent down a well. There is an ledge on the well's side, so land on it and follow another tunnel downward until you reach a much larger radiolarian lake with a island in the center. Parkour across the Vex blocks to reach the island and begin the final boss-fight.

Kargen, the Technocrat is a difficult encounter, and his psychokinetic abilities will pressure Guardians into staying behind cover at all times. Avoid his attacks at all cost, and balance your focus on both the adds that spawn, along with Kargen himself.


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