Lake of Shadows

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Stem the tide of Taken flowing into the European Dead Zone from beneath the waves.
"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Lake of Shadows


Destiny 2




European Dead Zone, Earth


Stop the Taken from emerging into the European Dead Zone.

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Lake of Shadows is a Strike in Destiny 2 set on Earth. It was PlayStation-exclusive until the release of Forsaken. The strike has the Guardians storm Maevic Square and the Reservoir in the EDZ to rid of a Taken infestation, which is contaminating the local water supply. The strike is directed by Zavala and Devrim Kay, and occasionally by Ikora and Asher.


  • Persue the Taken,
  • Destroy the Blights,
  • Track the Taken,
  • Find the leader,
  • Defeat Grask, the Consumed.




  • Zavala: The Taken have occupied an old water facility near your location. Not to be outdone, the Fallen are attempting to seize it from them by force.
  • Devrim Kay: The Fallen are an afterthought. Whatever the Taken are doing here, they are contaminating the water supply. You don't want to see the pot of tea I made this morning.
  • Zavala: Civilians are depending on you. Operation Stormcoat has begun.


  • Zavala: Mobilizing fireteam for Operation, uh... Babydog? Why does this say Babydog? I must have forgotten to reboot the strike name generator.
  • Devrim: Operation "Babydog?" Well, it has a certain ring to it, huh?
  • Zavala: Yes... "Babydog". Well, the strike protocol is already running. Can't stop it now. Devrim?
  • Devrim: Yes, sorry. Fireteam "Babydog" the Taken are polluting the EDZ. We need to determine the source of — Haha! — I'm sorry, I can't... Stand-by, fireteam.
  • Devrim: One of my teams reported Taken energy infecting the water supply. Our purification tech can only do so much. If the contamination spreads, people will die.
  • Ghost: Destroying the Blight destroyed the Taken miasma. This area's no longer infected.
  • Devrim: Good work. There's bound to be more than one.
  • Ghost: We're making good progress, but Taken energy readings are still off the charts.
  • Devrim: There must be a source. The Cabal hurt us, Guardian, but the Taken could ruin the EDZ forever. Put an end to this.
  • Ghost: This place is old; good thing we can't get tetanus.
  • Devrim: This facility provided water for many generations. If for nothing else but principle, I'm glad you're reclaiming it.
  • Ghost: They just left that unguarded...? This smells fishy to me.
  • Ghost: Zavala, the Taken leader is down for the count. Surprise of the day: he was Red Legion.
  • Zavala: Impossible... Oryx is long dead. There's no one left to take.
  • Ghost: Ikora was telling me about a Hive tome called the Book of Sorrows. That Oryx has sisters.
  • Zavala: You've both dealt with the Taken on Io. I'll consult her about this. In the meantime, excellent work. All of you.

{Mission Ends}


  • Can obtain The Militia's Birthright(kinetic grenade launcher) as a possible Nightfall reward.
  • This strike debuted during the 2017 Sony E3 Press Conference.
  • This strike features the return of the Taken in Destiny 2, and carries on with the speculation that either Savathûn or Xivu Arath have learned the ability to take.