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Tormentors are powerful humanoid entities commanded by the Witness and its newest Disciple, Emperor Calus. [1] They are massive bipedal beings that appear to be amongst the Witness' true combat forces, wielding massive scythes and utilizing paracausal suppression abilities.[2]


Tormentors are hulking, vaguely humanoid beings, adorned in what appear to be long strips of cloth-like material. They have long limbs and massive torsos, but appear to be nearly headless, instead having simple metallic "caps" which emit a bright yellow-orange light. Their hands and feet both have three fingers and an opposable thumb. Parts of them appear to be made of the same colored obsidian or transparent glass-like material found throughout the Pyramids of the Black Fleet.

Tormentors wield massive scythes made out of Pyramid technology for close to medium range melee combat, and appear to harness the power to manipulate Void energy and generate weak spots on their body similar to Rhulk and Nezarec, Final God of Pain. They also possess a powerful ability referred to as "Dark Harvest", where they draw in a combatant within close-range and, if uninterrupted, drain the life force out of them, until the target is left in a extremely weaken state, in which they then blast them away.

Tormentors appear to be related in some way to the former Disciple of the Witness known as Nezarec; several Tormentors have been encountered bearing the title "Imprint of Nezarec" or "Cavum of Nezarec". Nezarec himself strongly resembles a large Tormentor, suggesting they may be the same species. When first encountered, Osiris claims that Tormentors are "The fruits of an unholy alliance between the Witness and Calus",[3], while Quinn Laghari later questions if they are the same species as Nezarec or clones made by the Witness,[4] perhaps using Calus' cloning technology.


The primary attack of a Tormentor involves generating a crescent-shaped void blast from their scythe and slinging it towards their enemy. These attacks do moderate damage and possess some degree of tracking so Guardians should be careful. Occasionally, Tormentors will spin their scythes and float them into the air, creating an entity of void energy. This will unleash a continuously occurring barrage of void blasts in various directions for a short length of time, which will attempt to home in on targets within an acute angle of their initial direction of travel. Tormentors can also leap into the air, telegraphing this with a roar, before crashing down at high speeds with an explosion of suppression-inducing void energy at the target location.

Upon first encountering a Tormentor, only their shoulders will be susceptible to damage, identified by a similar glow to the vulnerable spots on Rhulk.

Once the two shoulder weak points have been broken on a Tormentor, their physical appearance becomes gray, and their ragged cloaks become much more prominent. They will now become fully vulnerable to damage, with a new glowing weak point exposed upon their chest, and they move with increased speed. In this state, they gain access to another attack known as "Dark Harvest", where their scythes will glow a bright purple and they will aggressively rush Guardians with the goal of grabbing them and draining their health. This attack does massive damage especially if you are under-powered, and will most likely kill you if you are grabbed. Because of this, Guardians should be very careful when dealing with Tormentors in this state.

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  • The Tormentors bear some similarities to the unknown creatures encountered by the Drifter on an unnamed icy world, which were also described as being headless and projecting a Light-nullifying field[5]. It is unknown as of yet if the two are related in some way.


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