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This article is about the moon of Saturn. For the Guardian class, see Titan (class).
A moon of Saturn, with a lost Golden Age utopia beneath its waves.

Star, position:

Sol, Saturn



5,150 kilometers


.14 g

Length of day:

15.94 days (synchronous)


Nitrogen (N1)
Methane (CH4)
Hydrogen (H1)

Surface temperature:

−179.2 °C




Hive, House of Dusk, and Darkness occupation


"The great monuments of mankind's utopian Golden Age now lie toppled or half submerged within the rolling ocean that blankets the entire surface of Titan. All that remains is a flotilla of construction barges and a lone human habitat that serves as the perfect hiding place for some of humanity's scattered forces — and some far more sinister below"
— Website description

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn.[1] One of the legends of the Nine states that they are ancient leviathan intelligences originating from either Europa or Titan.[2]


Titan is a methane ocean moon, decorated by long-abandoned Golden Age structures such as New Pacific Arcology that are slowly sinking below the waves. It has recently become infested by a new Hive sect, and is being picked over by scavengers from the Fallen House of Dusk.


During the Golden Age, numerous great cities such as New Pacific Arcology were built on Titan and became the envy of the rest of the Sol System.[3] These cities were intended to be entirely self-sustaining due to the inhospitable nature of Titan's surface.[4] Settlements on Titan were known to trade with other nearby worlds, such as Hyperion.[5] Scientists also flocked to Titan to escape the stifling influence of organizations like Clovis Bray and carry out independent research.[6] The moon was never terraformed by the Traveler, although 97% of New Pacific Arcology's residents hoped it would be chosen soon.[7]

Titan was one of the first places in the Sol System to detect the arrival of the Darkness, and consequently one of the first places to experience the Collapse. A deep-space probe launched by a team under Dr. Shanice Pell encountered an inexplicable anomaly before losing contact with New Pacific Arcology.[8] Not long after, the Darkness attacked Titan's arcologies by pulling on its oceans with a gravitational anomaly, deforming it into an oval and causing its tides to rise four times higher than normal. When the anomaly vanished, Titan was released back into its original shape, unleashing a massive tidal wave and quake which badly damaged the arcologies.[9][10]

The moon's cities remained completely abandoned for centuries, slowly decaying and sinking into the methane ocean. Guardians such as Cayde-6 used Titan as a rest stop during journeys to and from the outermost reaches of the system.[11] Shortly before the Red War, however, a new Hive sect colonized Titan's ruins. When a group of newly-Lightless Guardians under Commander Zavala fled to Titan, hoping to use it as a secret base from which to launch a counteroffensive against the Red Legion, they found New Pacific Arcology heavily infested and nearly gave up on their plan.[3] Worse, Fallen from the House of Dusk had followed the Guardians from Earth, and began feuding with the Hive. Fortunately, thanks to the timely arrival of The Guardian, the support rigs outside the Arcology proper were sufficiently cleared to allow Guardians to secure the command center and City jumpships to refuel there.[12]

Around the time of the Almighty's descent upon The Last City, the Pyramids themselves had finally reached the outer Sol System. After corrupting Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, the Pyramids set their sights on Titan.

A month after the arrival of a Pyramid on Io, another Pyramid arrived on Titan, holding position outside of the New Pacific Arcology. It was the first of the newer Pyramids to start deploying Pyramid Scales on the Arcology, antagonizing the Hive and Fallen there.

Several months after the arrival of the Black Fleet, they caused the moon along with Io, Mercury, and Mars to mysteriously disappear, just as the Traveler healed itself.



  • Contrary to its depiction in Destiny 2, Titan's surface is actually mostly water and rock with methane and hydrocarbons being a chief component in its lakes as discovered by the Cassini–Huygens mission. Overall the lakes cover a very small percentage of the surface, making Titan drier than Earth.
    • The Last Days on Kraken Mare Lore book implies that Titan as seen in-game was a change brought on by the Darkness as it passed by the moon during the Collapse, though this does not explain where the liquid methane for the global ocean came from.
  • Sloane is seen on Titan with her face and arms exposed; given that Titan has apparently not been terraformed by the Traveler, and that methane becomes liquid at -161.49 degrees Celsius (-258.68 degrees Fahrenheit), it is unknown how she can survive without protective equipment.
    • In the Duress and Egress Lore book, Sloane responds with "because I moisturize" when questioned about this.[13]
  • If a player is patient enough, they could see a part of the rigging breaching the oceans beneath the rigs. In addition, the silhouette of a massive creature can be seen in the final portion of the Utopia story mission. The rigging was initially mistaken to be the same as the sea monster, though some argue that the "wheels" that comprise the rigging may simply be a trick to create the illusion of a creature, as they cannot be fully seen without going outside the bounds of the playable space.
  • Titan is the second smallest public location in Destiny 2 after Mercury, with the second-lowest amount of Lost Sectors and Adventures as well. Much like the Moon in Destiny, which served as the Hive's main lair, most of the map takes place deep within Hive-infested dungeons that are not public spaces.
  • Before Shadowkeep, Titan was the only location in Destiny 2 not to feature Cabal as enemies in any capacity. Since then, the Moon has had no Cabal enemies on it either.


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