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  • Anthem Anatheme - A paracasual ability to subjectively manipulate reality into whatever one may desire, usually takes the form of the phrase "O/Oh (subject) mine" while addressing other beings. Used mainly by Ahamkara.
  • AscendantA state of apotheosis within the Ascendant Realm, allows one to transcend physical death in the real universe into a throne world of their creation. Can only be granted to followers of the Sword logic having killed powerful beings, with some exceptions.
  • AiatA word frequently used by the Hive and ceremoniously uttered in either a prayer or exultation.


  • Blight - A substance of void-like Dark Matter that is part of the Taken.
  • Bomb LogicA philosophy of the Sword Logic created by Mara Sov which instead of being derived from killing it possesses complexity in its craft.
  • Bombardment - A Name of the Dark Future event where the Fallen, Hive, Cabal and Dark Guardians attacked Earth Simultaneously and destroyed the last City and most of it's defenders.


  • Cabal OilA multi-purpose hydrostatic organogel used in Cabal technology.
  • ChampionA special class of enemy that can be identified by their red, tendril-like growths and dark coloration.
  • CollapseA cataclysm event in human history that nearly brought the species to an extinction.


  • Dark AgeThe period in human history that followed the Collapse, where humanity struggled to survive in the wilderness and suffered from infighting and alien attacks.
  • Dark EtherA corrupted version of Ether that has life-giving properties to create the Scorn from deceased Fallen. Used by Fikrul, the Fanatic.
  • DarknessA cosmic paracausal force that has existed since before the beginning of time that is antithesis to the Light and seeks destruction of those that cannot survive.
  • DeathsongA Hive spell that can range from annihilating a target out of existence or rending entire worlds apart. Utilized by Deathsingers only.


  • EtherThe life giving substance of the Fallen where their former homeworld overflowed with it until they became nomads and used Servitors to make more.
  • ExoWar Machines created by Clovis Bray I to achieve immortality by transferring human consciousness to new bodies.



  • GhostA small, sapient machines created by the Traveler shortly after the Collapse.
  • GuardiansLightbearers who act as protectors of the Last City and Solar System against the forces of the Darkness.



  • Inquisition of Self - A heretical ritual practiced by the Hive which is used to transfer souls and essences between bodies, thus giving stronger essences a more suitable body and vice versa.




  • LegionThe largest organizational military unit for the Cabal Empire.
  • LightA paracausal force that has existed since before the beginning of time and space. Driven to increase the complexity and diversity of entities within the universe, and encourage the growth of new lifeforms.
  • Lightbearer A individual capable of wielding the Light.




  • OversoulA Hive construct created by Ascendant Hive to detach their souls from their physical bodies to increase their chance of survival by containing them within Oversoul and capable of emitting a Paracausal death impulse.


  • ParacausalA category used to refer to abilities, events or entities which seem to violate causality. It is also commonly referred to as "magic".
  • Phase Radiance - A form of energy that is utilized in Black Armory tech, that has various effects from suppressing abilities to killing, though it can be negated if those who have phase radiance as well that are matched in polarity.



  • Risen - An archaic Dark Age term for Lightbearers, presently used to refer specifically to Lightbearers from that time period.
  • Royal nectar - A type of food substance derived from the floral emblem of the Cabal Empire, typically found in the Pleasure Gardens. It is used to enhance Cabal into Ceremonial Bathers in the Royal Baths and is an staple ingredient to make Royal Wine.
  • Royal WineA royal beverage created from The Leviathan using planetary rubble grounded by the ship and mixed with royal nectar from the Pleasure Gardens. Favored by Emperor Calus.


  • SimulationA Vex facsimile or duplicate created to study and understand from entities to entire realities with perfect fidelity and predictive ability.
  • SOLSECCENTA Golden Age organization responsible for coordinating the security of the Solar System.
  • Song of CreationA song sung by the Ammonites dedicated to the Traveler, which the Hive attempted to replicate, but died when they tried to sing it. It's counterpart is the Deathsong
  • SoulfireAn archaic form of energy utilized by the Hive to both empower their forces and feed their Worms. It is even present upon death.
  • Sword LogicA philosophy and metaphysical framework by which one may gain paracausal powers. It is the guiding religious principle of the Hive. Its counterpart is the Bomb Logic




  • VoidVoid is an elemental damage that originates from the Void.
  • The VoidThe Void is reference to a place where void energy originates and is a way of accessing other realities and dimensions, and between life and death.


  • WarmindPowerful Artificial Intelligences that were created to manage Earth's defense systems in the Golden Age.
  • WormSymbiotic entities that lives within Hive creatures that allows them to use Reality bending powers at the cost of feeding them with death.




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