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That can work. If something goes wrong, it'll still exist in the edit history.


No, it clearly isn't, Taken portals manifested cause they stole Taken energy from the Dark Forest which doesn’t even require portal travel btw, and that does not mean it automatically gives you power to travel to the Ascendant Realm and the Dreaming City, it doesn't work that way. People have cheated their way through the Sword Logic and many have failed, died, or suffered consequences for it. The Psions failed to contain the Blight, they died cause of us, and the Red Legion suffered in dealing with powers beyond their understanding.


The Scorn appeared after the city had been breached, we would see the Cabal appear in the exact same place we spawn into in the Dreaming City's first mission, which is also where the Scorn appear, yet we do not see Cabal except for the Cathedral of Stars which is miles away from the Gateway.


Thuria was a Crucible site, the Psions were tampering with the minds of the Guardians that were in the crucible site, and do you have any proof of the Psions infiltrating the Dreaming City and have the power to exceed Mara Sov's?


Not only that, but the grimoire pic you keep reverting to is vastly outdated, and depicts an image that was only used as a sub-in for the Darkness during D1, since Bungie themselves didn't even know what it was at the time.


Warning: Stop edit warring and reverting the thumbnail on the Darkness page. The "Of the Darkness" line isn't meant to signify that the Pyramids aren't the Darkness themselves, but are the physical incarnations of the Darkness (this is in lore). Stop reverting the image.