Vestian Outpost

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Vestian Outpost


The Reef, Asteroid Belt


Reach level 20

Player Capacity:


"Join forces with the Queen's Guard and hunt down their enemies."
— Location description

The Vestian Outpost is a social space located in the Reef.[1][2]


"Looks like the Queen wants Guardians close... but not too close."
Grimoire description

Built out of the hull of a captured Ketch[3][4] and the asteroid 5560 Amytis,[5] the Vestian Outpost is the gateway to the heart of the Awoken realm, centered around 4 Vesta. Here, the Queen allows Guardians to interact with the Reef, without getting too close to the Awoken realm.[6]

Characters in the Vestian Outpost[edit]

Variks, the Loyal sells Fallen-themed items in the Vestian Outpost.


  • The Vestian Outpost gets its name from the minor planet 4 Vesta. It is the second largest body in the Asteroid Belt and, at roughly 326 miles in diameter, is one of the largest asteroids in the Solar System. The Vestian family of Asteroids, a cluster of some 235 core bodies with thousands of smaller members are designated as "V-type asteroids" or "vestoids", which are the result of two separate impacts on 4 Vesta's southern hemisphere approximately 1 and 2 billion years ago. The Vestian Outpost is located either on or nearby the "sunward side" of one of the vestoids.
  • Like the Tower, the Vestian Outpost contains a ball that players can interact with. The ball is ostensibly a Servitor's core (possibly the core of the heavily modified and visibly hollow Warden used by Variks to oversee the Prison of Elders), and will light up and make Servitor noises when kicked and while in motion. If the core is kicked fast enough, it will begin to emit a trail of purple light.
  • On the ground near the Postmaster is a switch that will activate and deactivate the lamp on the table next to the Postmaster.
  • An unfinished version of the Vestian Outpost appeared in various pre-alpha trailers. This version of the Outpost had various Fallen patrolling the area, but took place in third-person perspective.
  • There are a total of three Dead Ghosts in the Outpost. They can be found:
    • On the roof of Variks' hut. Climb the nearby crates or, more daringly, the railing to get on top;
    • On a scaffold hanging between the walkway intersection where Brother Vance is found. Don't jump, just walk between the railing and you'll drop down;
    • And on the far right corner, above ground level. Climb up the debris on the right side and follow the contour of the wall to reach it.


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