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Hey! Gonna be inactive for a time, kinda fallen out of the loop in terms of Destiny. Don't worry, I will be back, just don't know when.

Hi. I'm Paradox NiteOwl. I love Destiny and most things about it. I am a Lore Fanatic, mostly Vex and Fallen. I like to look at the Recent Changes list so I can improve and revise pages.

And no, you won't find me on much Fan Fiction. Except for links and grammer.

Wiki.png This user joined Destinypedia on November 22, 2019.
Vex.png This user is a Lore person, and likes Fallen and Vex beginnings.
Mask of the Quiet One.jpg This user's favorite armor is the Mask of the Quiet One for it's Dreaded Visage Intrinsic.
Wavesplitter.jpg This user's favorite Weapon is the Wavesplitter, though he does have a lot more Exotics.
Raid. Source: Game Modes. Artist: Bungie. Accessed on 2015-04-15 This user's favorite Raid is Garden of Salvation, but Crota's End is a close second.
Black Heart 2.png This user's favorite location is the Black Garden, and his favorite Story mission is of the same name.
Kaliks-Syn.png This user's favorite Strike is The Shadow Thief.
RiseOfIronPoster.jpg This user's favorite expansion is Rise of Iron.
Grimoire Taken Goblin.jpg This user's least favorite enemy is a tie between the Taken Goblin and the Vex Hobgoblin.
Wrath.jpg This user put the colors on the Raid infoboxes (except for GoS, Unscathed did that)