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November 22, 2019

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~čøņśʊɱ̍ē ęñɥåñċë ɹêρłɨ̃ċąťΣ~

Hobbies & interests

Stranger Things
Disenchantment Journey (feat. Kronos Quartet)
Take on Me - MTV Unplugged Harry Pottter Destiny and Overwatch Tostitos Cantina Thin & Crispy chips Sprite

Favorite Destiny moment

Every time Guardians go into the Black Garden

Worst Destiny moment

Getting booted from a Fireteam at the very end of Pit of Heresy.

Anything else

Prefers Gambit over Crucible

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Basically, you have to do this:(~~~~) (without parenthesis).


Hey man, thanks for adding the finishers to the list. I play on xbox and I thought it was Sundial Spire which is my mistake. Really sorry about the mistake.


Hey man, I saw your article on the "Sundial Slipway" and just want to tell you the area is called the Sundial Spire. Since it's your article and info you can make the new page with the correct name but if not ill make it in a day or so. Sorry to bother you.


You should use the battle infobox, just copy and paste the battle infobox template, in order to do it.


Yeah, because, we can't have have unofficial photos...unless it was from a comic or art, that was made by bungie. But, you can use those photos, for some Fan Fiction pages.


Also, is the pictures for Toax, and the Osnium King, official photos?