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Edited the page Black Garden
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Edited the page Black Garden
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Edited the page Shadowkeep
Edited the page Shadowkeep
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Favorite Destiny moment

Slamming in Wrath of the Machine

Worst Destiny moment

Literally the moments that I found out what Curse of Osiris and Warmind were but still forced myself to play through them when they came out

Anything else

Pls don't take away my Luna's I earned it

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Oh yeah, do you know how to create an entire page because I'd like to make separate pages for all the Forges from Black Armory that I way I could include quests, Mysterious Box, etc..


Thanks! I was just asking because I didn't know whether if I should make an entire section dedicated to glitches as the Fandom wiki does, or whether I should put it in the Trivia section. Speaking of glitches, do you think you can add the "under the map" glitch on the Reef social space page? Thanks! -Sturmtruppler