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Edited the page The Fourth Horseman
Edited the page Season of Dawn
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Edited the page Season of Dawn
Edited the page Override Frequency
Edited the page Override Frequency
Edited the page Override Frequency
"Created page with "Override Frequencies are a rare consumable added in [..."
Edited the page Bastion (weapon)
Edited the page Bastion (weapon)
Edited the page Bastion (weapon)
"Created page with "{{Stub}} {{Quote|The final stand is whenever I plant..."
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Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Slamming in Wrath of the Machine

Worst Destiny moment

Literally the moments that I found out what Curse of Osiris and Warmind were but still forced myself to play through them when they came out

Anything else

I legit predicted us saving Saint-14 a day after Perfect Paradox came out

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I have so far added 13 Finishers to that finisher article. I hope your happy XD


What platform do you play on? For Xbox, it's called the Sundial Slipway. I double checked and it is called that.


On Eriana's vow you said in trivia that it is the only handcanon in destiny 2 that uses special ammo but the Sunshot does as well.


Oh yeah, do you know how to create an entire page because I'd like to make separate pages for all the Forges from Black Armory that I way I could include quests, Mysterious Box, etc..


Thanks! I was just asking because I didn't know whether if I should make an entire section dedicated to glitches as the Fandom wiki does, or whether I should put it in the Trivia section. Speaking of glitches, do you think you can add the "under the map" glitch on the Reef social space page? Thanks! -Sturmtruppler