House of Wolves

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House of Wolves
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The Reef (formerly)


Noble House


Reef Wars
Wolf Rebellion
Taken War


Virixas, Kell of Wolves (deceased)
Skolas, Kell of Kells (deceased)
Aksor, Archon Priest (deceased)
Keldar, Archon Priest (deceased)
Kaliks Prime (missing)
Kaliks Reborn (deceased)
Orbiks Prime (deceased)

"The Wolves are getting closer, she is a fool for thinking she can control them."
—The Speaker

The House of Wolves are a house of the Fallen. They are the subject of an expansion of the same name.[1]


The House of Wolves was once an independent house, living out by the Jovians. They intended to join the Battle of Twilight Gap alongside the other houses, but were stopped at Ceres when the Reef intervened. After Virixas, Kell of Wolves was killed in the initial clash, their house divided and was weakened by a civil war known as the Eos Clash. Playing all factions against one another, the Queen of the Reef assumed control of their house, merging them into her realm. Some of the house's nobility was placed in the Prison of Elders. Meanwhile, she also incorporated some Vandals into her personal guard. While she generally managed to keep them under her control, some rebelled to join the House of Exile.[2]

Under the leadership of Skolas, Kell of Kells, the House of Wolves rebelled against the Awoken and caused havoc in the Reef, while attempting to bring all houses under his control in an effort to destroy the City and the Reef once and for all. The Queen opened the Reef to Guardians of the City, with the intent of recruiting them to put an end to the rebellion.[3]

After Skolas' defeat, the Wolves began regrouping on Mars, hoping to carve out a new den on a planet of their own. The Wolves rebuilt their previous Prime Servitor, Orbiks Prime, to lead their scattered House in the absence of a new Kell. In the wake of losses suffered at the hands of the Taken, the Cabal were unable to stop the Wolves from entrenching themselves in their own fortifications; the Blind Legion's former base was captured for use as Orbiks Prime's lair. Eventually, Variks, the Loyal was able to track down Orbiks Prime and sent the Guardian after it. With their Prime's destruction, Variks believed that the House of Wolves had been broken once and for all.[4]


The Wolves appear to have a more complex structure than is found in the other houses. While they retain the typical leadership of a Kell, an Archon, and a Prime Servitor (though the latter two are dead or missing) followed by Barons and other nobility, the Wolves have several additional posts and groups with special functions within the House.

Kells are served by Wolves' Guards, Captains who are selected from an early age and brainwashed to be completely subservient to the Kell. The Kell also has the Silent Fang at their command, an elite group of assassins, to eliminate potential rivals and threats. To keep the rank-and-file in line, fanatical Wolf Enforcers ensure that the remaining Fallen of the House maintain their loyalty. Several other informal groups serve the Kell, such as the Howling Raiders, the Twisted Claw, and the Queenbreakers (the Wolves who formerly served as Mara Sov's personal bodyguards, but then attempted to assassinate her).

Notable members

Unique forces


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