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The Spider
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The Shore's Only Law







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Leader of his own crime syndicate

"I cannot wait to see how this ends."
— The Spider

The Spider is the leader of a Fallen crime syndicate based in the Tangled Shore. He is the planetary vendor for the Tangled Shore, and a powerful ally of The Last City.


Ruler of the Tangled Shore[edit]

The Spider is an enigmatic boss of a crime syndicate that resides deep within the Tangled Shore, having controlled the criminal enterprise within the Shore for many years.

At some point before the Taken War, Queen Mara Sov evacuated the Dreaming City and made a deal with the Spider to protect the Watchtower and in return, she will turn a blind eye to his businesses.

Hunt for the Scorn[edit]

Tracking down the Barons[edit]

After the Scorn appeared and began driving the Spider from his territory, he sought to ally with the Awoken and the Guardians to clear the Scorn from the Tangled Shore and allowed his troops to aid them in battle.

Accessing the Watchtower[edit]

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The Starry Night[edit]

The Spider is a collector of precious artifacts. His web captured a Dead Orbit thief stealing from the Green Dove Arcology on Titan. He made the thief work for him to retrieve a particular item on the manifest. The man, Howe, questioned Spider which was a mistake. When he arrived with the item, Spider killed him. Spider put the item under his throne, which would only open when an ancient Earth song is sung. The item Spider wanted so much was the famous painting A Starry Night.

The Black Armory[edit]

At some point, the Spider had a falling out with his brother and had him captured and imprisoned in the Prison of Elders. Siviks later escaped and started attacking The Spider's territory, forcing The Spider to request the Guardian's aid, revealing the secret location of the Black Armory in the Tower as an added incentive.

Joker's Wild[edit]

Around the same time that the Drifter introduced Gambit Prime, the Guardian visited the Spider on matters related to the Drifter after finishing a run of the Reckoning.

Siding with the Drifter[edit]

If the player chose to side with the Drifter, the Guardian visits the Spider to purchase an item known as "The Jerky" for the Drifter. Among the "Jerky" is a caged Ghost and a replica Gjallarhorn, though only "The Jerky" can be purchased. This exchange leads the Guardian to go to Titan to acquire supplies for the Drifter.

Siding with the Vanguard[edit]

If the player chose to side with the Vanguard, the Guardian confronts the Spider about his dealings with the Drifter. The Spider responds by saying that he is a "simple businessman" and would be willing to sever relations with the Drifter "for the right price." After paying a bribe of 50,000 Glimmer, the Spider informs the Guardian that the Drifter was planning something on Titan, which prompts them to go there to investigate further. The Spider later informed the Drifter of this investigation, prompting the Drifter to contact the Guardian directly while they were on Titan.

Season of Dawn[edit]

After the Guardian found the core for the Bastion in the Corridors of Time, they collected data from Fallen targets and brought them to the Spider. He deciphered the name "Lightkiller" from the intel, telling the Guardian about his legacy. He decides to help the Guardian by first tipping them on one of his old acquaintances hiding away in the Empty Tank, betting on fights with Azilis. After the Guardian kills the Captain, they bring the Spider a note left behind by the original owner, Reysk, who was killed by a Guardian Fireteam and buried somewhere in the Tangled Shore. The Spider then orders the Guardian to patrol the Tangled Shore to force answers on the location of the grave from its inhabitants. Eventually, one of Spider's Associates would catch word of the location of the grave in the Trappers Cave. However, the Guardian would discover Reysk was warped into a Scorn Chieftain. Following the revelation, the Spider gave the Guardian the location of Reysk, the one place where Scorn influence was the strongest, the Hollowed Lair.

Personality and Traits[edit]

"Remember, my friend, even when you are doing your 'duty,' there are always opportunities to do what is profitable."
— The Spider.

The Spider is much like a stereotypical criminal kingpin, he will go to great lengths to maintain his influence and has no qualms about battling his own kind to do it. He is even willing to ally with Petra Venj, an old "acquaintance" of his, and the Guardian, to restore his territory and deal with the Scorn and Uldren. However, while he maintains that their alliance is merely for business, the Spider shows a level of honor and respect towards the Guardian, keeping his word in their deals and continuing their "friendship". Despite this, the Spider is willing to alter a deal to make sure that those who owe him a debt don't pay back too quickly and too easily, as he does not want to get the short end of the stick. This was apparent when the Guardians cleared out the Hive infestation within the Tangled Shore. After slaying the Brood Queen, The Spider found that the threat was too "easy" for it to satisfy their debt to him. Despite Ghost's objections, the Spider points out that the mission wasn't a deal, only "considerations". Likely he finds the Guardians too useful and skilled to simply say that all debts are paid.

Though the Spider can be very ruthless on how he runs his criminal enterprise, the mob boss has shown a capacity for generosity and a reasonable nature. Instead of just hoarding all the profits and leave next to nothing for his employees, he ensure his workforce is paid what they earned, far more generous than a contemporary Fallen Kell, Archon or Baron.

The Spider displays a fascination with various aspects of humanity and its culture. He has no interest in what Fallen would normally consider priceless,[1] and instead avidly collects ancient human artwork, as well as dead Ghosts.[2][3] In addition to this, the Spider does enjoy collecting trophies, out of interest or monetary purposes, from his dead enemies, so much so that he offers bounties on them.

The Spider is highly fluent in English. His voice lacks much of the growls and clicks associated with Eliksni speech; this may be due to either practice or some form of translation device (although he claims that Variks speaks perfect English as well, deliberately using poor grammar to seem more harmless to the Awoken). Reflecting his fascination with humanity, he frequently uses human figures of speech and body language, even when speaking to other Eliksni (to whom such gestures are meaningless). [4][5][6]


The Spider provides bounties targeting Prison of Elders escapees throughout the Solar System. He also sells infusion materials, with four planetary materials and the required currency rotating per daily reset. Purchasing Enhancement Cores from Spider will double their cost during that day until reset. Wanted enemies in Lost Sectors can also drop Spider-specific weapons and armor.

Faction Weapons[edit]

Infusion Materials[edit]


  • "That's right, my friend."
  • "Very good."
  • "Good choice, my friend."
  • "What is your Earth phrase... If we meet again?"
  • "What do you say "friend"? Quid pro quo before you go?"
  • "I... approve."
  • "You have good taste!"
  • "Bring me Arrha. I have a task for him."
  • "House of Dusk, fah! House of Desperation! House of Erased Differences! Differences define us."
  • "The House of Dusk, such as it is, hangs on by a thread. I see no material harm to my people if you go ahead and cut them loose, my friend."
  • "Oh, of course the Prison of Elders was a collaboration between the Awoken and the Eliksni. Don't look so surprised."
  • "Don't be shy... it bores me!
  • "The Drifter? Here? And he didn't stop to say hello? I am... disappointed."
  • "So many questions! I'm beginning to become offended. You don't want to see me offended."
  • "I think you’ll find our friendship... agreeable."


  • Alongside Variks, The Loyal and Mithrax, the Forsaken, The Spider is the third known Fallen to be a Guardian ally.
  • He is the second Fallen observed speaking English behind Variks, The Loyal.
    • However, he speaks it far more fluently than Variks.
  • The Spider has shown to be rather fidgety with his hands, often moving his hands a great deal.
    • He uses a Ghost Shell to likely deal with this.
  • He has a fascination with Earth's culture before the Golden Age, as he collects the most famous pieces of art throughout Human history.
    • Identified in his collection are a several examples of ancient Greek pottery, Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, and two paintings implied to be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Georgia O'Keeffe's Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue.
  • The Spider is performed and voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.[7]
  • Before the Spider's Syndicate was founded, the Spider was allied with his brother, Siviks, Lost to None. At some point in time for unknown reasons, the two split to create two syndicates, one being the syndicate already mentioned and Kell's Scourge.
  • The Spider may possess his own ketch, as one can find such a ship by turning around in the safe zone at Thieves' Landing. The ketch is decorated in orange stripes, which reflects the Spider's insignia and bounties.
  • The Spider and the Drifter have a strong business relationship. So much so that Spider would send his failed associates to go survive the Drifter’s Gambit and Gambit Prime or die.
  • The Spider shows enmity towards multiple escapees from the Prison, such as Calzar, Scarred Captain, Fortifier Yann, and Student of Beltrik, personally issuing bounties on them.


List of Appearances[edit]


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