The Reckoning

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The Reckoning was a four-player Arena activity introduced in Season of the Drifter and co-organized by the Nine and the Drifter. It takes place in the Haul, the object towed behind the Drifter's ship. This gamemode was vaulted with the release of Beyond Light on November 10, 2020.

Tier I Guide[edit]

Players must kill as much Taken as they can before time runs out. Defeating Taken in rapid succession grants more progress, but if the players don't kill the Taken fast enough the progress will go down. Eventually when players reach 100% they will have to fight and kill a boss.

Tier II Guide[edit]

After completing the first objective of killing Taken, a black gate opposite of the cliff will open presenting a bridge that the player will have to construct, to construct the bridge, the player will initially have a 50 second timer to capture the first section of the bridge and 30 seconds on the rest. The enemies on the bridge will consist of mainly 3 types, hordes of taken thrall that will attack from behind and the front, accompanied with a major enemy that spawns each time the player captures a section of the bridge, and from both sides on top of floating pyramids snipers. Upon capturing the final section of the bridge a portal will appear, taking the player into an obscure area surrounded by pillars with 2 named boss Knight that have a large amount of resistance and health, the player will need to kill both of them before the timer reaches 0, to make that possible they will need to kill a major enemy that randomly spawns on one of the 4 corners of the map. Once killed, the major will drop a well of light that greatly buffs all damage done to the bosses.

Tier III Guide[edit]

Tier 3 is similar to Tier II, however, enemies have higher hp and damage, bridges take 20 seconds to capture (try to keep at least 3 players on at all times to ensure completion), and instead of a portal, a jump pad will launch you over to a distant island, where you will fight a Likeness of Oryx or a Likeness of Nokris.

An emblem can be obtained if you do each Tier III boss without a death (individual basis). There is also a Triumph for completing the bridge without anyone on the team using a super.

Unique Enemies[edit]



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