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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Pyramid Scale Tree 2.png

Recommended Light Level:



Lost Oasis, Io
Siren's Watch, Titan


Cabal (Io)
Vex (Io)
Fallen (Titan)
Hive (Titan)


Charge the bank.


"Sterile neutrinos? Taken. On the bank!"
The Ghost

The Contact public event were operations carried out by the Vanguard to contain the spread of Darkness from Pyramid Scales as they corrupt the environments of every known Destination occupied by the Black Fleet.

In addition to keeping their enemies from harvesting paracausal energy, Guardians also used the collected Darkness to charge the Seed of Silver Wings, enabling it to break through Savathûn's interference and allow the Guardian and Eris Morn to receive messages from the Witness. It was released with “Season of Arrivals”, and was removed in “Beyond Light” along with the locations it occurs on.


Fill the Bank[edit]

To initiate Contact, the Guardian places down a transmat beacon underneath the Pyramid Scale, which summons a modified containment bank for capturing and storing Darkness energy. Throughout the event, the Drifter and Eris Morn will provide commentary, sometimes bantering with one another as the Guardian fills the bank with Dark motes.

Defeat Taken Blockers[edit]

Upon completely filling the bank, Taken blockers appear, causing the bank to enter lockdown. Guardians must then clear out all the Taken from the area in order to release the lockdown. This process is repeated for a total of four waves, with the fourth completion differing from the first three. Upon filling the bank up for the fourth time, the event becomes heroic, summoning one of three Taken bosses, depending on the week.


Guardians battling a Champion

Various Champions will also spawn throughout the course of Contact. Champions will be from the attacking enemy race. Taken Champions may also appear in between waves when Taken blockers are summoned. The recommended option for defeating Champions is utilizing a weapon or ability given anti-Champion capabilities through mods from the Seasonal Artifact. However, it is possible to use brute force to kill these Champions without using anti-Champion mods, but with some difficulty. If using brute force, Falling Guillotine is the recommended weapon.


Upon turning the event heroic, one of three bosses will be summoned, dependent upon the weekly rotation.


  • The Contact public event is the first time the Drifter and Eris Morn have interacted in-game.