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The Coil


Destiny 2


Season of the Wish



Recommended Power Level:



Riven's Lair, Dreaming City


Delve ever deeper into the myriad pathways of Riven's Lair in The Coil. Face greater challenges and retrieve greater rewards.

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The Coil is an activity that was introduced in Season of the Wish. It follows a Fireteam of Guardians as they progress through Riven's Lair within the Dreaming City, defeating the Taken, Vex, and Scorn within and claiming the treasures hidden behinds its trials. Each replay of The Coil is randomly generated though it follows a similar formula each time. The gamemode is also introduces rogue-like elements into Destiny 2 with players being able to find currency within the activity to later take to Riven for buffs to their weapons and abilities after completing a round in the Coil. However, unlike other rogue-likes, the Coil is not infinite, the activity stopping after 4 rounds.


Each round of the Coil follows the same formula.

The Sensorium[edit]

The activity begins with the players entering the Sensorium. There is a destructible pot that will explode into a pile of Wishing Glass, the currency players will be using in order to purchase upgrades from Riven. Wishing Glass appears throughout The Coil, with destructible pots and Glass Collectors carrying both blue and red shards. Blue shards grant 5 Wishing Glass and red shards grant 25 Wishing Glass. Players will also be able to interact with Riven in order to purchase upgrades, broken up into Tier 1-3 upgrades that cost 100, 250, and 400 wishing glass respectively. Players only have 60 seconds within the Sensorium before they are kicked out into The Coil. Players can choose to leave the Sensorium early by standing on the three plates located up the stairs. When all players are on the plate, one of three portals will open up and allow players to progress. Every time the players complete a round in The Coil, they return here.

Platforming Section[edit]

Players will have to platform their way through Riven's lair in order to find 3 plates to stand on and activate the portal at the end of the section. Each platforming section has destructible pots full of Wishing Glass as well as a secret chest hidden somewhere within the level. There are three mechanics that are possible. The platforming section will repeat between the first encounter and the final boss.


Players will be encountered by a dangerous foe or an obstacle that is in their way which can take the form of a mini-boss with mechanics or add-clear. Players will need to overcome this obstacle in order to progress. After completing this objective, players will move on. There are three possible encounters.

Final Boss[edit]

Players will face off against the final boss of the round, taking the form of a dangerous Scorn, Taken, or Vex enemy. After defeating this enemy, the portal will open up which will return the Guardians back to the Sensorium. There are currently four possible final bosses.


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Unique Enemies[edit]


Mini Bosses[edit]

Final Bosses[edit]


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