Empire Hunts

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Empire Hunts are a three player matchmaking activity that was released with Beyond Light. In it, three players hunt down a member of Eramis, Kell of Darkness's council on Europa.


Empire Hunts are a three player matchmade activity with Heroic, Legend and Master difficulties, only the first of which is matchmade. The activity itself is a slightly altered version of the respective Story Mission, with added Champions and without the boss' unbreakable Stasis shield. Only one Empire Hunt is available each week. Variks, the Loyal offers a weekly Quest that allows players to also rethread the intermediate steps before the mission (freeing a refugee Ketch, deactivating the Conflux etc...) for additional rewards.

Empire Hunt Location Dark Council Member
The Warrior Nexus Phylaks, the Warrior
The Technocrat Bray Exoscience Praksis, the Technocrat
The Dark Priestess Riis-Reborn Kridis, Dark Priestess


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