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This article is about the Season of the Deep activity. For the Crucible map, see Salvage.


Destiny 2


Season of the Deep






Collect Golden Age salvage from the shallows of the Kraken Mare for Drifter.


Salvage is an activity introduced with Season of the Deep. With the return of Titan, the Vanguard starts coordinating operations to rid the New Pacific Arcology and surrounding areas from the forces of Xivu Arath, God of War, and recover Golden Age equipment to use for themselves.


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Salvage is a six-player matchmade activity that can be launched from the H.E.L.M. The activity features a Threat Modifier and two Surge odifiers, roating weekly, as well as the Shielded Foes modifier. A Legend, non matchmade version is also selectable, which has fixed encounters, Champions, and Overcharge modifiers. During the activity, players will take on four possible "jobs" to maintain the Arcology, each with a five minute timer. Each encounter may differ slightly depending in which area it takes place, and which race is being fought, either the Fallen or the Hive, though Taken reinforcements appear sporadically alongside the others. After the job's objectives are completed, or the timer runs out, they will continue to the next job, until three jobs are done. After that, they will be teleported to the bottom of Kraken Mare to deal with one of two possible bosses, whose death will complete the activity.


Players will be sent to either the Salvage Rig or within the Arcology and, after clearing a small group of foes, a post for a Rally Banner will appear. Interacting with a machine near the banner will direct the players to their first job.

Salvage Protection[edit]

Three caches of salvage will appear in the area, each with its own health bar. Enemies will continuously arrive via dropships, with groups escalating in size and rank as the encounter goes on. These enemies will rush to the salvage caches and start damaging them. If all three caches are destroyed, the encounter fails. Defeating foes will raise the encounter's completion bar, which must be fully filled to complete the encounter successfully. About halfway through the fight, a group of Taken led by a Servile Vandal will appear in the area, and summon Blight pools under the caches that will continuously damage them until the interlopers are dealt with.


Three fuses will blow off of a crane, and the Guardians will have to find replacements and carry them through the hail of enemies. All the while, hordes of increasingly powerful enemies will arrive to stop the Guardians. If a fuse is lost, for example by falling off a cliff, a substitute will appear soon after, either in a Hive boil or carried by a Resilient Marauder highlighted by an objective mark. Some enemies can also steal fuses off of players. Once three fuses are delivered, three more will blow off another crane, requiring the same process to be repeated.

Ordnance Disposal[edit]

This encounter sees the Guardians disarm ordnance that will destroy the rig if not dealt with. If the Fallen are the enemies, bombs with a thirty second timer will appear periodically on the map, highlighted by a red objective marker. Interacting with the bomb will disarm it, adding five seconds to the timer, while letting it explode will detract ten seconds from it. If the Hive are the enemy, several crystals will appear around the area. Soon after, a Devoured Ogre will arrive, and killing it will make it drop a Resonant Shard, whose beam is the only thing that can destroy the crystals. Once all explosives or crystals are removed, the leading saboteurs, either Fallen Demolitionists or Ultra Ritualists of Xivu Arath, will arrive, and defeating them will complete the encounter.

Site Reliability[edit]

This encounter differs significantly between enemy races.


Several pieces of Hive matter will be highlighted in the area. Destroying them will release a Wrench, which must be used on one of several consoles around the area to progress the activity. Once all the initial wrenches are used up, more will be delivered at regular intervals by Fallen Sappers. Once all the consoles have wrenches in them, the encounter is completed.


An Ascendant Portal will appear in an area, pushing off anyone moving close to it. Hordes of enemies will begins spawning, but players must look out for Wrathborn Thrall and Cursed Thrall that will try to rush past them and into the portal. Each enemy that passes through detracts one second from the encounter's timer. Once enough enemies are slain, the encounter is completed.

Final Encounter[edit]

After the third encounter, the players will be Transmatted to the seafloor, where they must navigate some submerged corridors. Once through, they will reach the arena of one of the two possible bosses, either Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath or Uorgotha, Scourge of the Deep. Defeating the boss will complete the activity.

Treasure-Laden Combatants[edit]

Very rarely, a special enemy, either an Avaricious Knight or a Salvage Hoarder, will appear from a dropship in between rounds. Killing this foe rewards players with significant amounts of loot and keys.

Unique Enemies[edit]



These weapons and armor can be obtained randomly by completing matches of Salvage, Deep Dives, and rank-up packages. They also can be focused at H.E.L.M. for the price of a Deep Engram, Legendary Shards, and None Glimmer.

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