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Symbol of a Lost Sector

Lost Sectors are a type of PvE activity that were introduced in Destiny 2. They consist of a hidden dungeon or side area that contains a large number of enemies, a boss enemy, and an unlockable treasure chest.[1] Lost Sectors can be identified by a symbol that appears near its entrance, but the difficulty of actually locating the entrance will vary. Killing the boss inside the Lost Sector unlocks the chest, which will always contain some Glimmer, at least one piece of equipment and a Token for that planet.[2] With update 2.0.0 and the release of Forsaken, Lost Sectors no longer grant Tokens upon looting.[3] Lost Sectors can be completed an infinite number of times and automatically repopulate after being exited.

Legendary Lost Sectors[edit]

Legendary Lost Sectors were an activity available during Season of the Worthy. They were accessed through a console situated next to Rasputin's screens within each Seraph Bunker once that bunker was cleared for the day. Offering significantly higher difficulty than regular Lost Sectors, they featured modifiers and Champions, similar to Nightfalls.

Legendary Lost Sectors, now renamed to Legend Lost Sectors, returned in the Beyond Light expansion. They are accessed through a flag, similar to the ones used to enter adventures and campaign missions, but also rotate on a daily basis. Similar to their previous iteration, they had higher difficulty and modifiers, as well as having a limited amount of revives, similar to Grandmaster Nightfalls. Defeating Champions gives the player an additional revive. On completion, it awards them some Enhancement Cores and sometimes an Exotic Armor of a specific slot if it was completed solo. Master Lost Sectors were also added, being even more difficult than their Legend variant in having additional modifiers and Champions. To gain access to the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, the player must loot the chest inside the base Lost Sector for the first time. Completing them solo was the only way to get the new exotic armor pieces from the Beyond Light expansion onwards until the Vex Strike Force event was introduced in Neomuna with the release of the Lightfall expansion.

List of Lost Sectors[edit]

European Dead Zone, Earth[edit]

The European Dead Zone holds 16 Lost Sectors.

New Pacific Arcology, Titan[edit]

The New Pacific Arcology holds 3 Lost Sectors.

Arcadian Valley, Nessus[edit]

The Arcadian Valley holds 5 Lost Sectors.

Echo Mesa, Io[edit]

Echo Mesa holds 3 Lost Sectors.

Fields of Glass, Mercury[edit]

Fields of Glass holds 1 Lost Sector.

Hellas Basin, Mars[edit]

Hellas Basin holds 2 Lost Sectors.

The Tangled Shore, The Reef[edit]

The Tangled Shore holds five Lost Sectors.

The Dreaming City, The Reef[edit]

The Dreaming City holds 3 Lost Sectors.

Ocean of Storms, Moon[edit]

The Moon holds 4 Lost Sectors.

Cosmodrome, Earth[edit]

The Cosmodrome holds 2 Lost Sectors.

Rathmore Chaos, Europa[edit]

Rathmore Chaos holds 3 Lost Sectors.

Court of Savathûn, Throne World[edit]

The Court of Savathûn holds 3 Lost Sectors.

Neomuna, Neptune[edit]

Neomuna holds 3 Lost Sectors.

The Pale Heart, the Traveler[edit]

The Pale Heart holds 3 Lost Sectors


  • There is a bug that can occur where when fast traveling or arriving at a location, that the alert that a Lost Sector was looted will appear. It is unknown as to why this occurs.
    • The most common location for this bug to occur is the Tower.

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