Thieves' Landing

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Thieves' Landing
Thieves' Landing.jpeg


Tangled Shore, Reef

Enemy factions:

House of Dusk

Connecting areas:

Empty Tank
Kingship Dock
Spider's Safehouse
Four-Horn Gulch
Jetsam of Saturn
The Cobble
Quitter's Well

Area type:


Public Events:

1 (Cryo-Pod Escape)

Patrol beacons:



Thieves' Landing is a location found in the Tangled Shore.


This region contains several Fallen structures created by the House of Dusk, who are fighting for control over the area with the Scorn and The Spider's Crime Syndicate. The Spider hides in a nearby safehouse after having been driven from his previous base of operations by the Scorn, who have taken over a nearby docking platform once used by the House of Kings.

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