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The Queen rewards those who take up her cause, and take down her enemies.
Petra Venj
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Royal Awoken Guard


Corsair (formerly)
Queen's Emissary (formerly)
Acting Regent-Commander (present)


Acting Regent-Commander Petra Venj, formerly the Queen's Emissary, is an Awoken vendor and member of the Royal Awoken Guard for the Queen of the Reef. She is the story agent for the House of Wolves expansion. She sells emblems, shaders, ships, and the Vestian Dynasty for those who have gained favor with the Queen by completing Bounties and hunting for Wanted Fallen. Petra can be found in the Vestian Outpost in the Reef.[1]


"My lady, I offer again the only explanation I can: I did not know the Guardians would act as they did. All I had known, all I had ever known, were the ways of the Awoken."
—Petra Venj

Petra was raised on Amethyst by the Techeuns. When the settlement was attacked by the Silent Fang during the Reef Wars, she became one of the Queen's Corsairs out of a desire for revenge. She made a name for herself during the Hildean Campaign as an accomplished soldier. Her pride eventually led her to make a devastating career failure; during the hunt for Veliniks, the Ravenous, she called in an airstrike that resulted in three strike teams of Guardians dead. With City-Reef relations deteriorating, she was demoted to Emissary and exiled to the Last City before being called back to the Reef to deal with the Wolf Rebellion.[2]

Petra has visions of many different things, as noted by Variks.[3] Some of these dreams feature the Traveler and the Black Garden.

Following the defeat of the Awoken Fleet at the hands of Oryx, the Taken King, a grief-ridden Petra was appointed to the position of Acting Regent-Commander of the Reef in the wake of Queen Mara Sov's apparent death. She would then go on to assist in the Taken War by assisting Variks and a fireteam of Guardians with tracking down the last remaining holdouts of the House of Wolves and offering bounties on Taken leaders and troops.


Rank Item
1 Queen's Guard Crest (Emblem, 2500 glimmer), Crown of the Sovereign (Emblem, 2500 glimmer)
2 Rosegold (Shader, 5000 glimmer), Prism Dancer (Shader, 5000 glimmer)
3 Pallas Victorious (Shader, 5000 glimmer), Imogen's Fire (Shader, 5000 glimmer), Ceres Galliot (Ship, 17500 glimmer)



  • "Variks has his uses, but be careful. He holds many alliances, too many."
  • "I dreamt of your Traveler last night, shining through the window of my pod. Like a great white moon."
  • "This used to be a Fallen ship, before the Scatter."
  • "The Wolves spread far a wide, beware Guardian."
  • "Don't worry, your ship is safe."
  • "How's the hunt treating you, Guardian."
  • "The Reef can be a maze if you're not used to it."
  • "We're still rounding the rest of Skolas's allies. Up for some hunting?"
  • "Ready for some hunting, Guardian?"
  • "The Queen may have opened the Reef, but the hunt goes through me."
  • "If it's the Techeuns you seek, they keep to themselves. Count yourself lucky."
  • "Welcome to the Reef. You'll get used to the gravity."
  • "We still have work to do."
  • "If it had been up to me, we would have killed Skolas."
  • "Let's get you a target."
  • "We set up this outpost for the hunt. The Queen prefers it this way."
  • "Let's see. Spinwards of this ship are the Factory Ships, then The Web, then the Tertiary Sun Core."
  • "What do you think?"
  • "Are you looking for me?"
  • "If you're not busy, I could use your help."
  • "The Wolves spread far and wide, we have little time to waste."
  • "The Queen commands you stay here for now, the rest of the Reef is... you'd find it strange."
  • "I had a dream last night. I was hunting with the Queen on great white horses in a field of black flowers, and then... well... it was a good omen."
  • "I visited Skolas in the Prison of Elders last night. The Queen will get him to talk."
  • "I spoke again with Uldren. He is very cautious about you."
  • "We don't have day and nights here in quite the way you're used to, it must be confusing."
  • "These are strange times."
  • "Tell me about your Traveler, Guardian."
  • "I never thought Skolas would return. I'll never understand why she keeps them alive."
  • "You must have things to get back to on Earth."
  • "Tell the Cryptarch we have need of his expertise."
  • "They can't have just vanished."
  • "Variks said what?"
  • "We've got their trail now."
  • "I don't trust him either but Variks has rarely been wrong since word of Skolas's return."
  • "This was Variks's plan? We should be cautious, but I have to admit he's been very helpful lately."
  • "The Queen won't accept failure and nor will I."
  • "Guardian! If you're here to hunt wolves, come this way!"
  • "Intel from the Techeuns? The Queen has them helping out too?"
  • "I see Variks scuttling about. What's he planning now?"
  • "I saw that one in a dream. The Black Garden."
  • "If you're here to hunt Wolves, I can help you!"
  • "Do not waste my time."
  • "If the Queen wants it, then do it."
  • "Don't worry. If this information turns out bad, I'll flush him out to space."
  • "Who knows what they'll try. Be vigilant."
  • "Get it to Variks. Fast."
  • "On Venus. Are you sure?"
  • "Give me the location of every Ketch you can. Skolas will surely amass a fleet."
  • "Tell me, have you dreamed all this before?"
  • "Some of you may know me! I am Petra Venj! I lead this Hunt!"
  • "Guardians! Guests of the Queen! This way!"
  • "Mark it resolved."
  • "So. The Wolf's ship Kaliks returns but who's its Kell."
  • "Look at the servitor count around this one. Must be one of Skolas's new barons."
  • "That Banner. Skolas's old crew."
  • "Where. Where, where do you hide now Skolas?"
  • "Why doesn't she just send in a slew of Harbingers? Have the Witches lost control of them?"
  • "Open the channel to its Ghost. You got three Skiffs incoming, find some cover, we can't discern the house."
  • "What is that? Are you watching one of Variks's prison fights?"
  • "So the Techeuns fast-tracked you? You must be good."
  • "Good, they'll regret starting that prison uprising."
  • "Keep an eye on the Hunter with the Wolves cape."
  • "What did they say?"
  • "Encrypted. If it's beyond the Cryptarchs' abilities we'll have to trust Variks."
  • "Strange to see so many Guardians here."
  • "Skolas! How did he get out of that prison?"
  • "What do you think?"
  • "Scan Venus for every deployed Walker, have the Guardians silence them."
  • "Issue a bounty, up the reward."
  • "What's that Skiff? Doesn't look like the Wolves. Track it anyway."
  • "Which one's this? Quite good for a Guardian."
  • "Uldren sent this? Queen's brother proves clever again."


  • Petra apparently has telekinetic abilities.[4]

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