Vestian Dynasty

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Vestian Dynasty
Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Sidearm (Special Weapons Slot)

Min-Max magazine:


Service history


Queen's Guard

"A Reef scout hunts for years - fighting piracy and ancient traps - to crack one cache and claim the weapons within."
—Weapon text

Vestian Dynasty is a Sidearm that can be acquired in House of Wolves. It is a weapon seen with the Queen's Guard. The Vestian Dynasty is awarded for completing A Kell Rising, but can also be purchased from Petra Venj at rank 3.


The Vestian Dynasty is an exceptionally wieldy weapon, as it is fast on the draw, and fast to aim. Its weak impact is compensated by its very high rate of fire and speedy reload. Also, one of its default perks grant ammo every time the player spawns. The Dynasty works well as a backup weapon for finishing off enemies when the player's primary weapon has run out of ammo.

The Dynasty has two Fallen-specific perks to choose from: one that does extra damage to all Fallen enemies, and one that has a chance to suppress Captain abilities.


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