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Stubs are short and insufficient articles. However, just because an article is short doesn't necessarily mean it's a stub. Some articles are just short because of a lack of information available on the subject. If an article has the potential for more content and doesn't have all information pertinent to the subject, it is a stub and should be expanded.

  • If a decision has been made in the talk page then merge these articles.
  • If a decision has been made in the talk page and you have the authority please delete these articles.
  • So you think you know everything about the Destiny universe? Well then you can help clear up Spinfoil lies from canon truth! These articles need proof! Please add sources or confirm that they are in fact Spinfoil.
  • These articles located here need to be created! Anyone with the knowledge please kill the RED and create these articles.
  • Walkthroughs and transcripts need to be done for virtually every level.
  • These articles need links added because they're dead end articles
  • Add labels to all the image files! I know it seems like a hopeless task, but if we all pitch in...


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