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Ariadne Gris
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"I can't think straight unless I'm going faster than 200 clicks per hour."
— Ariadne Gris[1]

Ariadne Gris was a Guardian who participated in the Sparrow Racing League. She is partnered with the Ghost Pixie.


After painting dragon symbols on her Sparrow, the Dinas Emrys, Ariadne was called before the Consensus due to suspicions that she had come into contact with a Ahamkara. She denied the accusation and insisted to Executor Hideo that she simply thought dragons were cool. Hideo accused her of not taking the matter seriously, and Cayde-6 asked her to play nice with him. Ikora Rey became bored with the proceedings and noted that Ariadne clearly could not have been in contact with the Ahamkara due to not winning many Sparrow races. Ariadne commented that was harsh, and Commander Zavala declared that the Consensus' official ruling was that the dragon symbol was cool.[2]

Around Season of the Wish, her, Enoch Bast, and Marcus Ren, all went to an arms store owned by Crux/Lomar. She criticized the name and paint job of Dragon's Breath, saying it was barely even a shark while her dragon was legally recognized as "cool" and that there was no contest on which was cooler. Marcus claimed there could be and then asked if they did samples and after signing a liability waiver they proceeded to try and have her outrace a rocket from he aforementioned launcher. Didi recorded the event, although, like the majority of her races, she lost and the rocket crashed into her Sparrow. Didi remarked it was "true cinema".

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