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"Four trillions souls were about their days and nights as an unknown melody caught the breeze. It was beautiful—an ethereal gift and the end of all things. The Choir sang. Only twenty strong. As their voices grew in volume, the people started to scream. The planet's crust shifted and cracked. The seas roiled and spilled out over the land. The core shook. The ground shattered. Defenses scrambled. It was too late. Less than an hour after the Song began, the hidden homeworld of a forgotten people split in twain. These are the Song's powers, its gifts—anti-life and oblivion."
Insquisition of the Damned - IX.II: The Unmaking

The Deathsong was a creation of Hive Wizards to corrupt, kill, and utterly destroy those who listened to it. The song was originally known as the Song of Life and was sung by the Ammonites, who had been gifted its notes by the Traveler. During the Hive-Ammonite War a choir of Wizards stole the song and began to sing it in order to unravel its secrets, although the origins of the Song of Life from the Light caused the Song to hurt and corrupt the Darkness infused Hive. After centuries, The Stricken finally found a way to corrupt the song using hidden notes within it and created the Deathsong, establishing a new class of Wizards known as Deathsingers.[1]

Later, after the events of Shadowkeep, The Guardian, with the assistance of Eris Morn and guidance of Toland, the Shattered, would go to search and weaponize a Deathsong from Ir Airâm, Deathsinger and her choir to form a rocket launcher known as Deathbringer.

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