Shrine of Oryx

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This article is about location on the Moon. For Story mission, see Shrine of Oryx (mission).
Shrine of Oryx
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Enemy factions:

Blood of Oryx (formerly)
Hidden Swarm
Taken (formerly)

Connecting areas:

Hall of Wisdom

Area type:



The Shrine of Oryx is an area of the Hellmouth on the Moon. It is featured in the story mission Shrine of Oryx, and contains a machine that the Hive use to commune with the Taken King beyond the Solar System, Oryx.[1]


After listening to an old message from Osiris, The Guardian attacked the Shrine of Oryx by navigating through the Hellmouth. Despite the efforts of Sardok, Eye of Oryx, The Ghost managed to weaken the spherical machine, allowing his Lightbearer to destroy it, halting its transmissions.

When the Guardian managed to chase Malok, Pride of Oryx from the Dreadnaught, he took refuge within the Shrine, working to perfect a dark sorcery. Eris Morn organized a Strike to root him out alongside his Taken. Malok had replaced the spherical communicator with a massive Blight, and confronted the Fireteam in its shadow, but was ultimately defeated, and the Shrine cleansed once more.

When The Lunar Pyramid unleashed its Nightmares upon the Moon, the Nightmare of the Fanatic took residence in the Shrine, where fireteams hunted hunt it down on behalf of Eris.

After the Arrival of the Black Fleet and the reawakening of the Traveler, Osiris lost his Light and was ensnared by Savathûn, the Witch Queen, who took on his form. While posing as the Warlock, she worked to hunt down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, luring him to the Shrine, but perhaps being lured as well. The Guardian came to Osiris' rescue, and after escaping the Ascendant Plane, met with Osiris at the Shrine. A Knight managed to ambush them, but was slain by the Crow, who had been watching over the pair.

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