Shrine of Oryx

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This article is about location on the Moon. For Story mission, see Shrine of Oryx (mission).
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Shrine of Oryx
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Enemy Factions:

Blood of Oryx
Hidden Swarm

Connecting Areas:

Hall of Wisdom

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Patrol Beacons:



The Shrine of Oryx is an area of the Hellmouth on the Moon. It is featured in the story mission Shrine of Oryx, and contains a machine that the Hive use to commune with the Taken King beyond the Solar System, Oryx.[1]

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In The Taken King Story mission The Dreadnaught, after destroying the final conduit for the Dreadnaught's main weapon, the player can approach the dais where the Court of Oryx Public Event can be initiated in Patrol. Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota will exit from the portal with two Hallowed Wizards, but will disappear after a brief wait. Approaching the throne on the dais and scanning it with Ghost will reveal that the throne is the receptacle for the communications from the Shrines of Oryx.

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