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World Events are activities that appear in public areas, and change with each new expansion. Completing world events yield rewards to the player.


  • Wolf Packs - House of Wolves reintroduced the Queen's Wrath, retooled as a Bounty hunter activity in which players could collect Bounties on Fallen targets that would arrive by Skiff to public areas on Earth, the Moon, and Venus. These Fallen always came in waves; the first wave would drop a small group of Fallen and two Scorch Captains. Killing the first wave would initiate five more waves; on the last wave, the Bounty target, typically a Wolf noble, would appear. Killing the target would not only complete the Bounty, but also cause an Ether Chest to appear somewhere in the area. The player had one minute to find the chest and unlock it for ammo synthesis, planetary materials, and a chance at a Treasure Key.[2]

Destiny 2[edit]

  • High-Value Targets - A special Major enemy will appear somewhere in the area, accompanied by a brief on-screen notice. Guardians must eliminate them before they depart. This enemy boasts a substantial pool of health, increased damage, and occasionally quickly-regenerating shields. Successfully killing the enemy will yield a chest containing Glimmer and a reputation token. An Engram may drop from the enemy itself. This event occurs in the European Dead Zone, New Pacific Arcology, Arcadian Valley, and Echo Mesa.
  • Fallen Scavengers - A Skiff will drop off a crew of Fallen Scavengers with two Sentry Servitors. The Fallen will scatter across the area, while the Servitors will move to guard a locked loot chest in the vicinity. If both Servitors are destroyed before the Fallen Scavengers finish their scavenging, the loot chest will unlock and reward Glimmer and a reputation token. This event occurs in the European Dead Zone and New Pacific Arcology.
  • Flashpoint Bosses - During a Flashpoint, unique, powerful enemies will periodically appear in an area, usually accompanied by guards. Killing these enemies before they depart yields Glimmer, a reputation token, and a percentage towards Flashpoint completion. This event occurs at the location designated as the weekly Flashpoint.

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