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World Events are activities that appear in public areas, and change with each new expansion. Completing world events rewards to the players with loot and other materials.


  • Wolf Packs - House of Wolves reintroduced the Queen's Wrath, retooled as a Bounty hunter activity in which players could collect Bounties on Fallen targets that would arrive by Skiff to public areas on Earth, the Moon, and Venus. These Fallen always came in waves; the first wave would drop a small group of Fallen and two Scorch Captains. Killing the first wave would initiate five more waves; on the last wave, the Bounty target, typically a Wolf noble, would appear. Killing the target would not only complete the Bounty, but also cause an Ether Chest to appear somewhere in the area. The player had one minute to find the chest and unlock it for ammo synthesis, planetary materials, and a chance at a Treasure Key.[2]

Destiny 2[edit]

  • High-Value Targets - A special enemy will appear somewhere in the area, accompanied by a brief on-screen notice. Guardians must eliminate them before they depart. This enemy is usually a Major, but can be an Ultra or an Elite, and can even be followed by a squad of its fellows. Successfully killing the enemy will yield a chest containing Glimmer and a reputation token. An Engram may drop from the enemy itself. This event occurs in all locations, with enemies of the faction present there.
  • Enemies move against each other - A message can annunce that two enemy factions have started fighting each other. They will keep sending stronger and stronger troops as the battle goes on, eventually becoming outfitted with Absorption Shields, as if the Shielded Foes Modifier became active. The belligerents will retreat after some time, signaled by a message. While there is no chest reward for this event, it is a good place to find large amounts of powerful enemies. This event occurs in all locations where two factions hostile to each other are present.
  • Fallen Scavengers - A Skiff will drop off a crew of Fallen Scavengers with two Sentry Servitors. The Fallen will scatter across the area, while the Servitors will move to guard a locked loot chest in the vicinity. If both Servitors are destroyed before the Fallen Scavengers finish their scavenging, the loot chest will unlock and reward Glimmer and a reputation token. This event occurs in the European Dead Zone, New Pacific Arcology and on the Moon.
  • Roving Pikes - On worlds with Fallen presence, a message can announce that a gang of Pikes piloted by Pike Dregs is starting to roam an area. They will engage with any foes they encounter, possibly disrupting a Public Event, but continue on after a while. While defeating them doesn't give special rewards, it allows players to use the Pikes for themselves.
  • Roaming Interceptor - On worlds with Cabal presence, a message can announce that a Psion piloting an Interceptor is starting to roam an area. They will engage with any foes they encounter, possibly disrupting a Public Event, but continue on after a while. While defeating them doesn't give special rewards, it allows players to use the Interceptor for themselves.
  • Jump Gates - On worlds with Vex presence, a series of Jump Gates may appear around an area, guarded by Quantum Vex. Defeating a pair of combatants will activate their jump gate, which will launch the player towards another group of combatants guarding a gate, and so on, eventually returning to the first gate. Once a full lap is completed, Storm Minotaurs will appear at the gates, alongside other troops. Each Minotaur killed will drop a chest, as if they were High-Value Targets. This event occurs on Nessus and Io.
  • Prisoner Exchange - On worlds with a Vex presence, such as Nessus, Io and Mercury, a Minotaur Guard guarding an energy cage with an Ultra will appear. This event also occurs on Europa, were a Storm Minotaur guards a cage imprisoning an Elite Fallen. Eliminating the Minotaur will drop nothing, but will make the energy shield around the prisoner disperse, releasing it. Defeating this enemy will drop a loot chest which could contain reputation tokens, engrams or pure loot. In Flashpoints, sometimes the health and loot drops of the prisoner were increased, or more enemies were added to the cage. For example in the Mercury Fields of Glass prisoner exchange, three Psion Flayers joined the Brawl Gladiator in the cage. After a while, the Minotaur and its prisioner will disappear.
  • Flashpoint Bosses - During a Flashpoint, Majors will spawn near Public Events such as the War Hound. These units will have a significantly large health pool and when defeated will drop loot, glimmer, reputation tokens and possibly engrams.
  • Escalation Protocol - The event could be triggered on Mars by activating any of the Rasputin-themed towers scattered around Hellas Basin. The participating players have to defend themselves against several waves of Hive, ranging from Thralls during the lower levels and Ultra Knights, Wizards and Ogres during the higher levels. Some waves will include the added challenge of having to locate and disable Shadowrifts by standing within them and shooting Hive crystals, similarly to the Witches' Ritual public event. When all the crystals have been destroyed, a Severing Knight will spawn which will drop a Cleaver when defeated. There are a total of seven levels, with the seventh one featuring a boss with unique mechanics that rotates weekly.
  • Locked Chest - In the Tangled Shore, a message may announce that a group of Scorn has appeared in an area, guarding a locked Chest. This squad is comprised of several Elites, led by a Major Corrupted Chieftain. Defeating the Scorn will unlock the chest for the player to plunder.
  • Invasion Blight - In the Dreaming City, an unshielded Blight may appear in an area, unannounced. When it is damaged, it will begin spewing enemies, starting with Taken Acolytes, then adding Ravenous Taken Captains, and finally calling forth a Blighted Centurion. Killing the Centurion will yield a chest containing Dreaming City gear. The Blight will remain until it is destroyed or its timer runs out, and will keep generating enemies, though the Centurion will not return.
  • Taken Saboteur - In the Dreaming City, in the Rheasilvia area, a Farseer's Saboteur may appear, announced by a specific message. Killing it will allow the player to use its charge to eventually unlock a chest containing Dreaming City gear.
  • Nightmare Chest - On the Moon and the Derelict Leviathan, a trio of Major Nightmares may appear in an area, alongside a locked chest, announced by a message. Killing the Nightmares unlocks the chest, which yields World Drops and location appropriate loot.
  • Vex Invasion - This event occured during Season of the Undying, on the Moon. After a Public Event was completed, the Sol Divisive would open a gate and send in an invasion force. Waves of Vex would start pouring in, led by a Gate Lord. Killing the Gate Lord would make the Vex retreat and start another invasion in the same area. When three Lords were killed, the invasion would stop and players would be awarded Powerful Gear. If enough Angelics were killed in each wave, there was a chance an Overlord would appear after the third Gate Lord's destruction. Defeating it would grant Pinnacle Gear.
  • Enemy waiting out the storm - On Europa, in the Eventide Ruins, there is a chance a Technorunner will appear whenever a snowstorm happens, announced by a message. Players that kill this Captain can begin a small quest that leads to Europan Gear.
  • Strange Signal - On Europa, in the Asterion Abyss, a group of Vex led by a Wyvern Venator may appear, announced by a message. Killing the Venator will give the player the "Strange Signal" buff, which allows them to encounter the Friendly Harpy in the Nexus. Though the Venator can enventually respawn, only one Strange Signal quest may be completed each week.
  • Lucent Hive Inquisitors - In the Court of Savathûn, a group of glowing Revenant Hive may appear in an area, announced by a message. Defeating these Hive will prompt their Major commander to appear. Once the commander is defeated, another group will be announced nearby. After three such groups are defeated, three Ultra Lightbearers will appear, alongside some reinforcements. Killing these and crushing their Ghosts will prompt the reinforcements to leave, and award a Chest with World Drops and Qualichor. Your Deepsight will also activate, revealing another chest with better loot that can only be opened with Refined Qualichor. This event happens in any of the three main locations, changing on a weekly basis.
  • Haunted Alcove - On the Derelict Leviathan, one of two Haunted Alcoves per area may become active, identified by a personalized message. The Nightmares within will be powerful and constantly backed up by reinforcements. Clearing all the Alcoves awards the "Fever Dream" Triumph.
  • Leviathan Operations - On the Derelict Leviathan, one of four Events may occur: an Imperial Boarding Party, a Shield Warden with its prisoner, Loyalist Fortifications, or a Nightmare Trinity. These are announced by a personalized message, as well as the lighting briefly turning dark like a Public Event. Completing all these events awards the "A Guardian Is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare" Triumph.

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