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Hidden Swarm
Spawn of Crota
Blood of Oryx
The Silent Brood
Savathûn's Brood
Grasp of Nokris
Xivu Arath's Horde
Lucent Brood


Mobile Siege Engine

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VoidS.png Eye Blast
KineticS.png Ground Slam
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"Its gaze shattered the rock, and then it smashed the rock to powder."
Grimoire description.

Ogres are giant Hive beasts, created through depraved rituals conducted by Wizards. They are immensely strong, with powerful melee attacks, and can also fire blasts of energy from their head for a ranged attack.[1]


All Ogres begin as "Unborn," awaiting the time when they will be called by the Hive Wizards for a "rebirthing" ritual. After this, they are known as "Reborn," and possess greater strength, intelligence and arcane abilities.[2] Some Ogres are bred specifically for sacrificial rituals, as is the case with The Forsaken. Another special case of ogre is Golgoroth who was created by the worm god Xol, Will of the Thousands for the sake of destroying Oryx, the Taken King. [3] In at least one case, these rituals have involved summoning the Darkness itself. [4]


"His cry may seem of mercy, but when you face his fury you'll understand that he deserves none. Accurate information on these imposing beasts are lacking, given the few that survived a face to face encounter with an Ogre of the Hive. Warlocks believe that they are a product of bizarre mating rituals. These disgraceful beings possess an unrestrained rage, such that they manage to escape even out of their creators' control."
— Milan Games Week Destiny Trading Cards description[citation needed]

Ogres are among the most vicious of the Hive's military ranks. Their high durability and power make them a serious threat to any Guardians on the field. For a ranged attack, they are capable of launching a constant barrage of Void energy from their head as if it were like a machine gun. This attack is highly accurate and will melt a Guardian's shield in a matter of seconds, even at long range. They are also capable of unleashing a devastating ground slam when faced up close, which will either deal heavy damage to or instantly kill any Guardian that gets too close. When on low health, an Ogre will become berserk and charge down on their targets until they land a hit or are killed on the spot.

Known Ogres

Hidden Swarm Ogres

Spawn of Crota Ogres

Blood of Oryx Ogres

The Silent Brood Ogres

Savathûn's Brood Ogres

Grasp of Nokris Ogres

Xivu Arath's Horde Ogres

Wrathborn Ogres

Lucent Brood Ogres

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Proxy Ogres

Nightmare Ogres


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