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"With this tribute, I shall undertake a mighty work. A real humdinger of a scheme. I'm going to refinance my entire existence. I'm going to move from an existential economy based on the accumulation of violence to an existential economy based on the accumulation of secrets and the tribute of failing-to-understand-me. I shall name this tribute of failing-to-understand IMBARU, for it shall be as formless as the mist."

Imbaru is the name used by Savathûn, the Witch-Queen to refer to a method of paracausal tribute-gathering she conceived as an alternative to (or reinterpretation of) The Sword Logic [1]. Whereas Oryx's Hive acquired power from slaying enemies and redistributed that power to their superiors as "tribute", Imbaru is gained by Savathûn whenever another being is misled by or fails to understand her schemes and intentions.


  • The name "imbaru" is derived from the Sumerian word "imbaru", which means 'mist'.
  • "Imbaru" is the name of Chilean neofolk/classical music project (Bandcamp page, Discogs page)