Lightbearer Knight

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Lightbearer Knight
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Towering Barricade
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Lightbearer Knights are Hive Knights who wield the Light and have a Hive Ghost, allowing them to be endlessly resurrected so long as their Ghost is not destroyed.


Lightbearer Knights are far more defensive than the other Lightborn Hive, preferring to stay near allies and use their barricades, which they can fire through to protect themselves if they feel pressured while still being able to fire their Boomer at their attackers. After about ten seconds of being active, the Lightbearer Knight's head will glow purple and radiate Void energy, allowing them to use their Sentinel Shield super at will. While in this state, Lightbeater Knights gain a minor damage resistance and trade out their Boomer for two serrated chitin shields to either throw at opponents or slam them together for a devastating melee attack.

To defeat a Lightbearer Knight, it is recommended to have a source of cover nearby at all times to hide behind in case they activate their Sentinel Shields. Use weapons with high precision damage such as shotguns, machine guns, linear fusion rifles, and snipers to quickly burst down the Lightbearer Knight's health as soon as possible as the longer they're alive, the higher the chance they have to activate their super. Stunning them with rapid high damage is also useful as they cannot activate their super while stunned. Upon being killed, it is pivotal to destroy their Ghosts by using a Finisher on them as soon as possible as if they are left unattended for ten seconds, the Ghost will resurrect the Lightbearer Knight back to full health and will need to be beaten again.

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