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A Guardian using a Finisher on the Moon.

Finishers are a special type of attack used to dispose of low health enemies. They were first added in Shadowkeep.


When enemies are low on health, they will start to glow yellow and have a yellow circle over their heads. If a player gets close to the enemy and presses the button they have bound to Finisher, they will close the distance to the enemy rapidly, and go through an animation that will show the player killing the enemy in an interesting way. During a Finisher animation, the enemy that is being attacked is completely immune to damage, while the player is not. Minor enemies become vulnerable at half health, Elite enemies at one third, and Major enemies at one sixth. Ultras and Vehicles cannot be finished. Barrier Champions and Hive Knights can make themselves temporarily immune to Finishers while using their defensive abilities.

There are a number of Mods and Fragments that synergize with Finishers, as well as the Aeon Safe, Aeon Soul and Aeon Swift Exotic Armors. Some Bounties require the player to use Finishers on enemies.

Every class has a default Finisher. New Finishers can be acquired through Season Passes or through the Eververse Trading Company for Silver. Players can let the game decide randomly what Finisher to use among those in their inventory, or they can select a list of favored ones that will always be played, or simply select one to always be used at all times.

List of Finishers[edit]

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Note: Exotic Finishers have a † beside them.


  • Using your finisher in midair always plays the class' default animation, although sped up and ends near instantly after the target is killed.
  • There once existed a bug where if an enemy is killed right when a player starts a Finisher, the player is killed.
    • This was patched to now where if an enemy dies at the same time as someone tries to finish the enemy, the player will go through the animation anyways.
  • Currently, there is only one first-person perspective Finisher, which is retained for the destruction of a Hive Ghost. All other Finishers are performed in third person.
  • Finishers have been associated with numerous humorous bugs in the past, such as allowing players to send enemies vast distances, enabling killing of raid bosses by pushing them into kill zones, or allowing players to travel through world geometry, most famously via Gladiator's Bladerush.