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Elites are rank of combatant that was introduced in Destiny 2. They take up the role of what D1 Majors had, with the latter becoming akin to mini-bosses.


The first striking feature of an Elite is their orange health bar, larger than that of an equivalent Minor and segmented in three parts. They are usually distinct from the rest of their fellows by variations in their looks, and ofter carry more powerful weapons, moves faster and dodge more frequently. Common Elites are identified by adjectives preceeding their unit names, usually the same one across a race, but they can also be given different names when they serve roles related to activity mechanics (such as the Eyes of Riven or the Knight Echoes).

Common Variants[edit]


Fallen Elite are commonly referred to as Resilient, though Servitors are referred to as Unyielding. In the House of Dusk, eliksni are identified by their silver armors and purple cloths, while in the House of Salvation they wear blue armor with white capes. Elite Shanks and Servitors do not have changes in looks.


Common Hive Elite are referred to as Revenant. In Savathûn's Brood and Xivu Arath's Horde, they have darker bodies adorned with white paint and bright cloth. In the Hidden Swarm, elites have bone white chitin with red painted symbols or cloth. In the Lucent Brood, elites are identified by grayer, more faded chitin on their lower torsos. In the Grasp of Nokris, elites are usually called Unhallowed and identified by larger icy growths over their bodies.


Most elite Vex are referred to as Quantum, though in the Infinite Forest on Mercury and among the Precursors and Descendants they are called Axis. They are identified by more a silvery sheen over their chassis. Common elite Fanatics are called Finalizers, without adjectives.


Cabal elites are commonly referred to as Honored. The Cabal serving in the Red Legion are identified by their silver armor while those in the Shadow Legion are identified by the presence of colorful armor trims. Elite Loyalists maintain their names, but don more purple or golden wear.


Elite Taken are commonly called Ravenous, and can be identified by the spikes and tendrils growing out their backs, as well as a more silver glow.


Elite Scorn are commonly called Corrupted, while Abominations are called Deranged. They have no notable visual differences from their Minor counterparts.

The Dread[edit]

Each of the Elite units of the Dread have their own nomenclature and appearance evolution.


  • Since partway through Season of the Risen, Scorn outside of the Dreaming City have changed armor color from ochre to purple. However, sometimes their Elites still appear ochre. It is unknown if this is intended.

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