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The unofficial Hunter Vanguard. Only because nobody else would do the paperwork.



Greetings, I am J, a Hunter and self-titled scholar. While I may be a Hunter, I distinguish myself from many of my peers by my motives. My forays beyond the City walls are not for the purpose of satisfying some form of wanderlust (most of the time), but instead for discovering knowledge that has become lost to us, so that it may see usage by humanity once again. While Warlocks and Cryptarchs sort their libraries and archives, I'll be digging through the ruins of humanity's past searching for things to add to the pile of -stuff- they need to sort through. If I'm not digging up another man's treasure, I'm making my own. Ms. Holiday still won't let me near her power tools though, especially after my last project. How should I have known the cleaning robots from the Arcology would go crazy after attaching guns to them?


Major Contributions

Cause I feel like tooting my own horn.



“Y’know, I always thought that the red and black color scheme didn’t fit with your attire.”
“That’s what you gained from this?”


Images which I myself have taken.

Weapons and Armour

Tree of Silver Wings

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