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Destiny trading cards are a series of trading cards made for Destiny. Five of these cards were revealed and given away at GamesCon.


Destiny trading cards were given away at GamesCom 2013 in Germany, as such all the cards are in German language. On September 6, 2013, Bungie got a question from "DANTHEBOSSMAN" asking if they had any spare cards, Bungie replied in the Mail Sack that they would put up a contest on Twitter to get the cards. [1] The question was to ask a question about Destiny and if Bungie answered it in the next mail sack (September 13, 2014), they would win the cards. The winner was Trevor Wendt in which he asked if there is a type of matchmaking system. [2][3]

Card lists[edit]

Gamescom 2013


Milan Games Week

Paris Games Week

Madrid Games Week

The cards[edit]




We like to think they are our faceless knights, but their power and resolve gives them the air of rising gods.

Titans have long honed the power of the Traveler, passing these skills to each new generation of warrior. Their strength gave birth to the City, and they have taken a blood oath to ensure it will always stand strong.



They look to the intricate powers that live far beyond the Traveler's veil, seeking ways to unlock more of its secrets.

Warlocks were the first to tap the power of the Traveler, wielding its light as they ventured beyond the safety of the Shield. They know each discovery offers new possibilities and may hold the key to our survival.



They find opportunity where no others even dare to look. They are our trailblazers, surviving the frontier by any means necessary.

Hunters learned to survive the wild through crafty manipulation of the Traveler's energies. Some fear they are too dangerous, but it is their bravery that is leading us to the lost wonders of our Golden Age.


The Cabal[edit]


There is no doubt that they have come to wage war, but are we their true enemy or just collateral damage?

The Cabal, a veteran militaristic force from another system, make use of their unstoppable power to keep everyone at bay. Many have tried to assault their fortifications with the hope of unraveling their plans, only to be dispatched with firm disdain.



The vex hierarchy is somewhat complex, but one thing is very clear: where a Minotaur steps, death is rampant.

As protectors of various vex portals and sectors, the Minotaurs stand out among their troops, leading the attack. No matter the damage they receive, they advance incessantly to the rhythm of the insufferable rage beating in their red eyes.

Fallen:Rixis, Archon Slayer[edit]


A scourge of Old Russia. Some say he once ruled the House of Devils

Rixis haunts the ruins of Old Russia. Once he is stirred, keep your distance. He's unpredictably elusive and quick with a pummeling wave of power. Tag him with gunfire and look to your abilities, or just avoid him until you're ready for a real showdown.


The Towers[edit]

A sanctuary, where heroes rest, repair and rearm.

Erected in position of uninterrupted watch on the outer walls of the City, these Towers are defensive strongholds and rays of hope for the inhabitants of the City – places where heroes fight against continuous and growing threats. For our enemies the towers are a warning from us: we, the last survivors, are rising up again.

Old Russia[edit]


Occupied: Fallen House of Devils

They say this was where mankind first reached beyond the confines of Earth. Whatever promise this place once offered is long gone—now it just holds the bones of that long-forgotten time.



The Moon's fractured surface is a reminder of past glories and unknown dangers.

Our oldest colony lies silent. The metal husks of abandoned stations dot its rocky, meteor-scarred landscape. And at its shattered heart, the dark spine of an ancient kingdom threatens all that remains.