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Destiny trading cards are upcoming trading cards made for Destiny. Five of these cards have been revealed and given away at GamesCon.


Destiny trading cards were given away at GamesCom 2013 in Germany, as such all the cards are in German language. On September 6, 2013, Bungie got a question from "DANTHEBOSSMAN" asking if they had any spare cards, Bungie replied in the Mail Sack that they will put up a contest on Twitter to get the cards. [1] The question was to ask a question about Destiny and if Bungie answered it in the next mail sack (September 13, 2014), they would win the cards. The winner was Trevor Wendt in which he asked if there is a type of matchmaking system. [2][3]

Card Lists

Gamescom 2013


Milan Games Week

Paris Games Week

Madrid Games Week



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