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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Iron Temple
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Plaguelands, Earth


Complete The Walls Come Down

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"The ancient fortress of the Iron Lords is alive with activity once more."
— Location Description

The Iron Temple is a Social Space located atop Felwinter Peak in the Plaguelands, overlooking the Cosmodrome. It is connected by a bridge to Vostok Observatory. Approximately four-hundred years ago, during the Dark Age and early City Age, it was the stronghold of the Iron Lords.


The Iron Temple was the place from which the Iron Lords once watched over Old Russia during the Dark Age and early City Age.[1] Statues of eight of the fallen Iron Lords, erected to commemorate their sacrifice to contain the SIVA plague, can be found in the Temple's inner sanctum.[2]

The Iron Temple was designed and built by Lord Silimar after the former Warlord Felwinter joined the Iron Lords and granted them use of Felwinter Peak for their headquarters. Over the years, hundreds of Iron Lords made it their home. With the Iron Lords' demise, Lord Saladin Forge sealed the Temple as a memorial to his friends and left it abandoned for some four-hundred years. During the SIVA Crisis, the Fallen House of Devils attempted to plunder the Temple for information related to SIVA, but were thwarted by the Guardian. The Iron Temple is now home to a new generation of Iron Lords.

Characters in the Iron Temple[edit]


  • Felwinter Peak can be climbed by carefully jumping from certain rocks. At the end of the lengthy and perilous climb, there is a ledge with a lit campfire, a skeleton, some refuse, a moveable crate, and a Dormant SIVA Cluster.
  • Using an Isenfyre Token at the Temple's central courtyard fire will allow the player to access Vostok Observatory across the bridge when the Iron Banner is not active.
  • The bells within the Iron Temple can be rung in a certain order to unlock the "Sing the Iron Song" achievement. Successful completion requires multiple players working in coordination.


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