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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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This article is about the location atop Felwinter Peak. For the Crucible map, see Vostok.
Vostok Observatory
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Enemy Factions:

Iron lords

"Vostok Observatory Historical Society welcomes [––] from the Gondola it is possible [––] late Soviet space programs were converted to [––] research facilities to study accelerated methods of colonization [––] kid’s holobadges to remember your trip."
— Grimoire: Vostok Observatory

Vostok Observatory is a Soviet-era scientific facility located near the summit of Felwinter Peak in Old Russia, Earth. It was accessible only by a gondola system.[1]


By the time of the Golden Age, it had been decommissioned and was used as a public museum under the care of the Vostok Observatory Historical Society.[2] The Warlord Felwinter rediscovered the observatory during the Dark Age and made it his fortress, where he kept a throne. Upon joining the Iron Lords, Felwinter granted them permission to build their stronghold on his mountain.[3] Lord Silimar designed and built the Iron Temple across from the observatory.

After the fall of the Iron Lords to SIVA, Lord Saladin Forge sealed the Iron Temple and Vostok Observatory was consequently abandoned. Some four-hunded years later, the Fallen House of Devils attempted to capture the Temple. The Guardian cleared them out of the observatory and prevented Sepiks Perfected from breaching the Temple's inner sanctum. With the rise of the new generation of Iron Lords, the Temple and the observatory once again bustle with dozens of Guardians.[4]

During the Red War, the Observatory was converted into a Crucible map by Lord Shaxx, being eponymously named Vostok.


  • Vostok was actually one of a series of Soviet spacecraft, carrying one cosmonaut, used to make the world's first manned spaceflights.
  • In Russian, Vostók literally translates to "east".[5]


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